7 Uses for Lemons You Probably Haven’t Heard About

Lemons have so many amazing uses, photo_francesca hotchin-403643-unsplash
Lemons have so many amazing uses, photo_francesca hotchin-403643-unsplash

Lemons are such a fascinating fruit. Their aroma instantly freshens a room, their juice tastes great added to tea, they are full of Vitamin C and they have amazing antibacterials properties. Read further to learn about these different uses for lemons you may not have heard about.

Lemons to Eliminate Headaches

I have tried this trick and it works. I used to suffer from headaches and migraines years ago and, unless it was a really bad migraine, this lemon trick worked. Here’s what you do: Slice a lemon in quarters and hold a lemon quarter against your forehead with a washcloth. Don’t press on the lemon too hard because you don’t want the juice to drip into your eyes. You can move the lemon quarter on both the right, left and centre parts of your forehead. You should notice a relief of your headache within five minutes. I don’t know the science behind this lemon remedy other than the fact that lemon juice is rebalancing the acid and alkaline levels in your body.

Lemons have so many amazing uses, photo_francesca hotchin-403643-unsplash
Lemons have so many amazing uses, photo_francesca hotchin-403643-unsplash

Lemons in the Garden

For the past few summers, I have noticed that squirrels love to dig up my flower pots and garden. So I was pleased to learn about this new use for lemons. When finished with lemon rinds, freeze them in your freezer. In the summer, take lemon rinds from the freezer and bury them about an inch or two from the surface of your garden or flower pots. Both squirrels and cats do not like the smell of lemon. Place new lemon rinds in your garden every few weeks throughout the summer.

Lemons for Beauty

If you have acne or blackheads, you don’t need to buy expensive cleansers: lemons have antibacterial properties that help treat acne. Slice a lemon and squeeze juice on affected areas of your face. For blackheads, add a few drops of honey to a slice of lemon and squeeze on blackheads. Lemons are also rich in Vitamin C so they can be used to brighten your skin. Cut lemon in quarters, squeeze and massage into skin.

Fingernail Brightener

I love wearing deep red and purple nail polish, but I don’t like the way they yellow my nails. A quick remedy is to soak your nails in a dish of lemon juice for about five minutes. This will remove yellow stains and have your nails looking white again.

Insect Deterrent

If you’re finding a lot of creepy, crawly insects in your home, fill a spray bottle with lemon juice and squirt along windowsills, baseboards, cracks in walls and floors and door thresholds. Insects such as ants, spiders, fleas and even cockroaches do not like the smell of lemons.

Stain Remover

If you don’t have a Tide stick on hand when you spill something on your new blouse, make a paste of lemon juice and salt and rub it into the fabric. This paste should remove a variety of stains, including from wine, fruit, oil, sweat. For more delicate fabrics, cover stain with lemon juice only and then wash on gentle.

Laundry Brightener

If you don’t like using toxic bleach in your wash, try adding a cup of lemon juice to your wash. Lemon juice will brighten your whites without the harsh chemicals. For added whiteness, once you have finished washing with lemon juice, hang your laundry in the sun.

Do you have any other uses for lemons? Please share them in the comments section.


  1. I never knew that squirrels did not like the scent of lemon. I am going to be trying this out in my garden this year! I will do anything to keep those pesky squirrels away!

  2. I had no idea they were good for headaches. I don’t get too many but my kids do and this is a perfect natural choice!

  3. Lemons are my best friends since ever! Love your post, I use it almost for all the benefits that you have mentioned. Lemons truly rule, hehe!

  4. I didn’t know these things about lemons. That’s great that it works well as an insect deterrent. I will have to give some of these a try!

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