Dealing with Dental Issues While Traveling

Woman travelling, photo Steven Lewis 342 on Unsplash
Woman travelling, photo Steven Lewis 342 on Unsplash

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, dealing with dental issues when you are away from home can become rather serious, especially if there is pain involved. Here a few essential things you should be aware of so that your dental problems do not end up ruining your trip:

Find a dental specialist in the area

If you are dealing with a dental emergency on vacation, then you have no time to lose. You must find local dental specialists who can help you then and there. For the vast majority of issues you may be dealing with, a family dentist will be able to help you. Tell them about your symptoms and they will be sure to let you know if they can accommodate it. Whether they will stabilize you or work through the entire treatment depends on the issue, but they will help you overcome your emergency.

Woman travelling, photo Steven Lewis 342 on Unsplash
Woman travelling, photo Steven Lewis 342 on Unsplash

Flying can exacerbate dental issues

When you fly, your body faces a significant difference in pressure, which could take quite the toll on your teeth because flying can exacerbate underlying dental issues. Subacute dental issues could become acute after a plane ride, which means that you could be in a lot of pain. The most important thing is that you get in contact with a dental specialist as soon as possible to provide treatment. As a safety precaution, be sure to pack some over-the-counter pain medication for your trip, but make sure you advise your doctor that you have taken it before any procedure or treatment is started.

Cracked teeth should never be ignored

The most common dental issue that people experience while traveling is chipped teeth. Depending on the severity of the situation, chipped teeth may be able to be dealt with once you get home or it may have to be dealt with while you are on vacation. Should you experience the slightest amount of pain, going to see a dentist is absolutely crucial. You can also use a cold compress to minimize swelling before you see the dentist.  A specialist can determine just how deep the chip is and ensure that you do not have any sensitive parts of the tooth exposed.

Missing filling or crown

If you lose a filling while on vacation, you can temporarily fill the hole in your tooth with dental cement that you should be able to find at most drug stores. If you lose a crown, try securing your crown back over your tooth with dental cement until you are able to see a dentist to get a dental implant or crown.

Research local dental options to find opportunities

If you are traveling from the U.S. to Canada, for example, you may have access to more affordable dental care, which can make your trip the perfect opportunity to have some work done. Mississauga cosmetic dentists can provide just as high quality services as New York dentists, but it may cost you a lot less. So, even if having your teeth whitened during your holiday was not exactly what you planned for, it might be a far better souvenir from Canada than the traditional ones. Don’t miss your chance at dental tourism because it can be extremely beneficial for both your health and your bank account!

The above tips should help if you have a dental issue while away from home. Hopefully you do not experience a dental emergency on vacation!