Five Ways Smart Technology Is Changing Your Home

Samsung Family Hub 36 inch 24.2 CuFt French Door Refrigerator
Samsung Family Hub 36 inch 24.2 CuFt French Door Refrigerator

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The technology wave is quickly transforming the way we live our everyday lives. Even if you are not particularly tech savvy, you probably already own at least two or three smart technology products. Think about your Fitbit, smartphone or Smart TV. I have a smart toothbrush that tells me if I’ve brushed the minimum amount of time in all the sections of my mouth. Read further to learn about five ways that smart technology is changing your home.

Smart Speaker

Just like a Smart Home Hub, a Smart Speaker can connect all of your smart devices, including your smart TV, light fixtures, thermostats, smart plugs, home security cameras and video doorbells. Popular Smart Speakers include Amazon Echo, Google Home Mini, Sonos One and Apple HomePod. You can give your smart speaker a variety of commands such as turning on lights or appliances, playing your favourite music, setting a timer, checking the weather or the latest baseball score. It is predicted that as a result of voice search used on smart home hubs, websites will need to optimize their websites for voice search SEO . Website owners can do that by hiring Seologist SEO company in Toronto.

Samsung Family Hub 36 inch 24.2 CuFt French Door Refrigerator
Samsung Family Hub 36 inch 24.2 CuFt French Door Refrigerator

Smart Fridge

Smart refrigerators can do so much more than regular refrigerators. For example, a smart fridge has a built-in camera to see what’s in your fridge. You scan the barcode of items in your fridge and your fridge will let you know when they are about to expire. Some smart fridges will even provide you with recipes based on what you have in the fridge. So if you’re out grocery shopping and can’t remember what you need, just click on an app to see what’s in your smart fridge. With your smart fridge connected to your family hub, you can use the TV Mirroring Feature to watch TV, you can listen to your favourite music or post family photos on the fridge’s touchscreen or even see who is at your front door. Some smart fridges have drawers where you can specify a cooler temperature, for instance to chill wine. If you don’t want to splurge on a smart fridge, you can buy a fridgecam that will peer into your fridge and track expiration dates.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats control the temperature of rooms in your home via your smartphone or by voice activation using a smart speaker. Some smart thermostats have Alexa built in so that means you won’t need to buy a smart speaker to use with your other smart home devices. So instead of blasting your air conditioning all day long, you can turn up the A/C when you’re on your way home from work so that it’s cool when you get home. You can also adjust the heat from the comfort of your couch. Most smart thermostats keep a record of your usage history. Smart thermostats also learn your habits and can automatically adjust the temperature in your home at various times according to how you like it.

Smart Doorbell

Smart Doorbells or Video Doorbells can recognize faces, and even announce them when they come to your door. They also continuously record video so you’ll know what’s happening on your front porch. The way they work is once someone arrives at your door and rings the doorbell, the doorbell rings as it usually would, but the doorbell sends an alert to your smartphone. You can then watch live video on your smartphone of whoever is at your door. You can also watch the live video when you are at home to check if there is someone at your door whom you do not want to speak with. You can also set the doorbell camera to record a specific area of your front entrance. Smart Doorbells do need a hardwired connection and you will need to subscribe to the Video Doorbell’s monthly service to receive all of its features, which currently cost about $5 per month.

Smart Dog Camera

Many dogs who are left at home while their humans go off to work experience separation anxiety. My sister has the Furbo Dog Camera to keep an eye on her dog, Riley, while she is at work. The two-way audio allows her to hear Riley when she’s not at home. The barking alert lets her know when Riley is barking due to someone being at the door, or other noise incidents. The Furbo Dog Camera also records video of events in your home. Perhaps you have more than one dog at home? You can find out if one of them is destroying your furniture or causing some other type of disturbance. The Furbo Dog Camera has a built-in treat dispenser that you can control with an app. So if your dog is agitated, you can have Furbo toss him a treat.

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