Splash Works at Canada’s Wonderland 2019

Wave Pool and Umbrellas at Canada's Wonderland
Wave Pool and Umbrellas at Canada's Wonderland

Disclosure: Torontonicity is a WonderCrew Infuencer for Canada’s Wonderland again this year so my Canada’s Wonderland visit and food were complimentary.

Most Torontonians are currently still waiting for the hot heat of summer to hit, and instead, we keep getting rain with sporadic gorgeous days that sit around 25 degrees. I’m here to tell you that this isn’t all bad news, because Torontonicity was recently invited to the opening weekend of Splash Works park [and experienced the park like never before]. The subpar weather and opening of Canada’s Wonderland’s glorious water park may seem unrelated at first, but for any park lover who dreads waiting in line – this is the time to visit Splash Works!

Riptide Racer at Canada's Wonderland
Riptide Racer at Canada’s Wonderland

All of us have worked hard Monday to Friday, and don’t want to spend our down time waiting in snaking lines to relax on the Lazy River or hang out by the entrance to a water slide for a tube to become available. Well right now, the cooler than seasonal temperatures are keeping the massive crowds out of Splash Works and there aren’t any lines. Anywhere. I haven’t seen so many happy park visitors continuously looping through their favourite slides and water rides infinitely!

This includes yours truly, who still believes that the Black Hole is one of the most underrated water slides in Splash Works. I didn’t have to wait in ANY line and enjoyed that slide backwards and forwards. Seriously, if you enjoy that water slide as much as I do already, try going backwards for a truly disorienting and amazing experience! Unlike riding the slide facing forward, when you flip around there’s no way of seeing the tiny streams of sunlight poking through the joints and seams, so you really are completely surprised by every twist and turn.

Here I am sliding down the Whirlwinds Water Slide:

Not only do you get to enjoy your favourite slides a lot more often, and with great speed, but you also have a chance to actually swim around the wave pool! When was the last time you went into the wave pool and had an opportunity to just float around, letting the ebb and flow of the timed waves carry you around? Probably years! On my last visit, the wave pool had only a sprinkling of other people in it, which also meant not having to search forever for a free umbrella to store your stuff near the pool. I don’t normally mind laying my items on the grassy hill that sits adjacent to the wave pool, but sometimes I don’t want muddy feet. This wave pool experience was relaxing and fantastic!

Wave Pool and Umbrellas at Canada's Wonderland
Wave Pool and Umbrellas at Canada’s Wonderland

I did mention the Lazy River before, but this was the one experience that really hit the idea home for me. Last year, whenever I went on the Lazy River, I had to strategically manoeuvre around and away from play-fighting groups of friends. Not exactly the laziest of experiences, nor the most graceful. This time, I threw my head back on the inflatable donut, put my sunglasses on and just enjoyed the ride.

Another benefit of attending Splash Works during these below-average temperature weekends we’ve been having, is that you won’t have to struggle to find a tree locker that isn’t on the very bottom row. (I know, it’s amazing!) Fewer visitors attending the water park, mean more readily available lockers to store you items in – and much quicker changeroom lines too!

Sweet and Sour Cauliflower at Canada's Wonderland
Sweet and Sour Cauliflower at Canada’s Wonderland

After enjoying my favourite water slides on repeat, collecting my items and drying off, I noticed a new eatery on my way out of Splash Works. Canada’s Wonderland has added a Chinese food kiosk near the main gate of the water park, and they have vegetarian options! You can select one base item like steamed rice, vegetable fried rice, or noodles, then add one or two saucy items like honey garlic chicken, sautéed vegetables, or sweet and sour cauliflower balls. (The items rotate through a few options, so check in occasionally to see what they’ve added to their proteins, but there is always a spicy one.) I went for the cauliflower and found they hit the spot on my yummy-comfort-food craving! I would recommend the noodles and going for two over a single protein option, just for variety.


  1. I also hate waiting in lines. This park looks too fun, I’d love to jump on a water slide soon. I’d stick around for the Chinese food, too.

  2. This looks like so much fun! I love water parks and so do my kids. This would be a great mini vacation for us.

  3. This looks like so much fun! It’s been so long since I went to a water park, but I remember them being such a blast when I was younger.

  4. I am not a huge fan of water slides but I love just chilling in the water park while eating and talking with friends! haha. We have something like that in houston too!

  5. It looks like such a great park. I know we love it out here at Raging Waters or Soak City. That’s so cool they have somewhat healthier options on the food there. I wish ours had that.

  6. Oh! This place is so much fun. My kids would definitely love to visit. I guess it’s best to visit during off peak seasons to enjoy the park more. Will visit during our next trip.

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