Weighted Blanket: What Is It and Why You Need One

Bedroom, photo credit steven-ungermann on Unsplash
Bedroom, photo credit steven-ungermann on Unsplash

Most of us crave and want a good night’s sleep, but due to the pressures and stresses of every day life, not everyone is able to sleep well – the perfect solution may be to use a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets stimulate the body to release ‘feel good’ hormones that will help your sleep be more comfortable and enjoyable. We’re going to highlight several issues about weighted blankets including what are the benefits of using a weighted blanket. Stay tuned!

What is a weighted blanket and how does it work?

Weighted blankets provide deep touch pressure (DTP) to your body while you sleep that helps in the production of serotonin. You may be familiar with serotonin…it’s the hormone that assists in regulating several processes such as body temperature, breathing, mood, appetite, digestion, memory and sexual desire. As a result, weighted blankets have been known to create a calming effect on the nervous system.

Bedroom, photo credit steven-ungermann on Unsplash
Bedroom, photo credit steven-ungermann on Unsplash

Weighted blankets are often filled with pellets, beads, glass or discs that provide a hugging sensation and contour for your body; some brands of weighted blankets are made from cotton, giving it a more duvet-like feel.

Do weighted blankets really reduce anxiety and help you sleep?

Research published in Occupational Therapy in Mental Health in 2008 revealed that 63% of the test group that used a weighted blanket experienced reduced anxiety while 78% experienced a positive calming effect. This research demonstrates the positive impact the blankets had on sleep by regulating heart pulse and blood pressure.

Many people will benefit from sleeping with weighted blankets. They are particularly effective for people diagnosed with mental health issues such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety. The research showed that weighted blankets had a grounding and calming effect on participants, enabling them to have a better sleep experience.

What you need to know when purchasing a weighted blanket

Buying a weighted blanket is a wise investment decision. Here are some key factors you should keep in mind when considering purchasing a weighted blanket. Read weighted blanket reviews so you know the pros and cons of each blanket before you purchase.

Design of weighted blanket

The construction of the blanket is crucial: the blanket should have weighted compartments of glass beads or poly pellets to allow effective distribution of weight throughout the blanket.

How do you wash a weighted blanket?

Just like any other comforter or duvet, most of the weighted blankets on the market are machine washable and that includes both the duvet cover and outer layer. Your blanket can also be customized based on pattern, texture or colour.

What is the ideal weight of a weighted blanket?

When buying a weighted blanket for the first time, it always vital to calculate the total weight based on your individual weight. The general rule used is that you should multiply your body weight by 10% and add 1-2 pounds depending on what you prefer. So if you are buying a weighted blanket for a 4-year-old child who weighs 40 pounds, you would purchase a 5 pound weighted blanket.


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