5 Tech Trends to Watch Right Now

Smart locks on homes are one of the most popular tech trends right now.
Smart locks on homes are one of the most popular tech trends right now.

Just a decade ago, the world of technology was dramatically different. While the iPhone and other smartphones were starting to become popular, many things we’re taking for granted now didn’t exist in 2009. Remember when you had to switch out SIMs if you wanted to change your carrier? And, 4G LTE services were just coming online in only a few select cities across the globe. The high-tech world is changing in leaps and bounds today – these are the top 5 tech trends to watch now.

As mentioned, 4G LTE was just getting its start 10 years ago, but today, 5G networks are on their way as Deloitte, among others, have forecasted. Deloitte notes that 72 operators had tested 5G in 2018, and the company predicted that there would be another 25 launching 5G service by the end of 2019 in at least part of the area they service, with another 26 launching in 2020. The groundwork is already being laid so that within the next year or so, we’ll be browsing the Internet on our smartphones at speeds reaching 10 gigabytes per second.

Smart locks on homes are one of the most popular tech trends right now.
Smart locks on homes are one of the most popular tech trends right now.

Smart Homes

Smart home technology has been rapidly expanding with all-in-one devices that combine Wi-Fi, smart lighting, hubs, speakers, cameras, appliances and more. Expect to see pretty much everything digital soon, from digital cutting boards to molecular cooking devices. Some of the latest statistics show that 81 percent of homebuyers, from those looking at San Francisco homes for sale to New York City apartments, are saying they’d rather buy a place that already has smart home products installed.

Same-Day Delivery

While we already have same-day delivery for many things including Amazon, in many areas, customers still have to wait a few days. With companies competing to get there first, there’s been a significant rise in app-based delivery services and that is one of the tech trends that is expected to increase dramatically in the coming months. Uber aims to provide its Uber Eats platform in just about every market it serves by the end of 2019, Walmart is plans to deliver your groceries and other items, while DoorDash has been aggressively pursuing deals with restaurants and fast food eateries to support its delivery service.

An Increase of Immersive Experiences in Smart Spaces

Chatbots are being integrated into various voice and chat assistance platforms that are becoming a game-changer in the way people are interacting with the digital world, just like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR). Combining the technologies is going to significantly change the perception of the world around us by creating smart spaces that are more interactive and immersive.

Changes for Some Big Social Media Sites

People are tiring of online bullying, negativity and false information being spread on sites like Facebook and Twitter. While video and sharing services like Snapchat and Instagram are increasing, two of the biggest social media giants are experiencing declining usage as they’ve done little to address those issues, putting ad revenue as their top priority instead. There has been a lot of talk about the need to regulate, and many expect that regulation of social media will be one of the big tech trends to happen within the next year.


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