Strategies To Help You Repay Your Car Loan Quickly

Learn strategies to repay your car loan faster, photo credit adam-stefanca-hdMSxGizchk-unsplash FIN
Learn strategies to pay off your car loan faster, photo credit adam-stefanca-hdMSxGizchk-unsplash FIN

Every car depreciates over time and anyone who takes a car loan should avoid getting stuck with owing more than the car’s value. Your financial position can be greatly improved when you repay a car loan faster. It is important to consider changing your loan repayment methods in order to quickly clear previous debts and pave the way for accessing future loans.

Statistics Canada reveals a shocking fact that the amount of debt for each dollar of disposable income that the average Canadian owes is $1.50. In Canada, the concept of loan acquisition has been deeply engrained in families, facilitating regular transactions between moneylenders and borrowers.

Learn strategies to repay your car loan faster, photo credit adam-stefanca-hdMSxGizchk-unsplash FIN
Learn strategies to pay off your car loan faster, photo credit adam-stefanca-hdMSxGizchk-unsplash FIN

Many Canadians have common views on assets they deem financially necessary to maintain a comfortable lifestyle and this often includes home ownership, academic degrees, vacation properties, as well as car loans in Canada.

  • In terms of cost, the biggest investment a person can make is a mortgage.
  • Following closely behind is the purchase of cars and other kinds of vehicles.

Below are some tips on how to quickly repay your car loan. Keep them in mind when signing a car loan contract.

Raise Your Monthly Installment Payments

When you use this technique, you’ll be able to pay off your car loan much faster. Raise the amount you repay monthly on your loan. Within a short time, you’ll realize that the total term for your loan has been drastically reduced.

Also, rather than repaying your loan every month, consider making payments every two weeks. Bi-weekly payments can lower your total loan term substantially as it reduces the rate that interest on your loan accumulates.

Additionally, while repaying your car loan, if you receive some extra money, consider using part of it to repay your car loan.

Once you’ve repaid a large chunk of the car loan, you can then increase your monthly loan payments to repay your car loan even faster.

Loan repayment agreements often give room for flexibility and this can be utilized by a loan borrower. Contact your moneylender to find out if you have certain repayment options such as making a lump-sum payment, raising the amount paid monthly, or making bi-weekly payments.

Analyze your Present Balance

Firstly, analyze the specifics of your car loan agreement to see if you can pay a higher sum every month. This is because some loan contracts include a payoff payment clause that requires that you make a fixed sum payment every month.

Therefore, before agreeing to a car loan, check with your lender to find out if there’s a charge for paying off the loan early.

Your interest rate could be greatly lowered when you make a higher loan payment. However, review your balance to know the percentage of your payment that is actually paying off your loan principal, as well as the amount going towards loan interest and fees.

Should you experience trouble paying your monthly car loan payments, your main focus should be to first pay off the loan with the higher interest rate. For instance, if you have a credit card loan along with your car loan, pay off your credit card loan first as the interest rate is often about three times higher than that of a car loan.

If your credit card debt is high, make the repayment of your credit card your major priority. You can also make some monetary gains and improve your credit score when you analyze and review the contract details of your loan.

Another thing that could help you pay off your auto loan is to get a part-time job for extra income.

Equifax reveals that many Canadians are financially delinquent and bankrupt. Therefore, it is imperative that you review the fine print of your car loan agreement and ensure you are financially capable of repaying the loan before you apply for it.

Downsize Your Car

Sometimes, people have trouble repaying their auto loan because they spend most of their money on car expenses. The loan itself may be a challenge to pay off and this could be made worse if the car has high maintenance costs.

If you find yourself in this situation, consider changing your car and getting one that’s much easier on the pocket. If your taste is only for attractive cars, you can still get a model that is safe, affordable and aesthetically appealing. When you trade in your car for a less expensive one, your car loan will reduce drastically, and you can then pay off your credit and auto loan at a quicker rate.

Try any or all of the strategies above to repay your car loan faster.

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  1. I will share this post with my grown up niece. She just got her very first car and she paid for the downpayment with the money she saved up from her first job. I can feel her excitement! This post will help her to manage her income and repay the balance on her new car.

  2. This is a great tip, we have the same problem in the UK regarding debt so it’s really important to make sure that you are aware of how much you can afford!

  3. Raising the monthly payment is always an option but it depends if your budget allows you to. Paying the car in installment more or likely means you don’t want or can’t pay it in one go right?

  4. Great tips! Its never nice having any kind of debt or loan/credit hanging over your head so these are great tips to help get rid of it asap! I agree with the downsizing and can never understand why people get themselves in to more debt than they can afford just to “look” better, I would much rather be debt free!

  5. If you can raise your monthly payments, that’s the way to go. I know the more you can afford, the more you should afford if at all possible.

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