Home Safety Tips for the Holidays

Throw out any holiday light strings with frayed cords or cracked lamp holders.
Throw out any holiday light strings with frayed cords or cracked lamp holders.

Decorating the house for the holidays is something that I look forward to. Who doesn’t love the smell of a real Christmas tree permeating through your home or twinkling lights creating a holiday mood in your living room? As pretty as these decorations look, it’s crucial that you take precautionary measures to avoid any home safety issues. To ensure you have a safe and happy holiday and prevent any risks at home, please read the following home safety tips for the holidays.

One of the most important home safety tips for the holidays is to throw out light strings with frayed cords or cracked lamp holders.
Throw out any holiday light strings with frayed cords or cracked lamp holders.

Check Those Holiday Lights

Holiday lights are one of the things that make the holidays special – I can’t imagine Christmas without holiday lights! Holiday lights, however, can be hazardous if they are not working properly. It’s important to inspect the strings on your lights each year. If there are frayed cords or cracked lamp holders, toss them out and buy new lights.

Also, be sure there aren’t any loose connections. When you need to replace lightbulbs, unplug the string first. Make sure that the wattage of the replacement bulb matches the original bulb.

It’s also a good rule of thumb not to link more than three strands of lights together to avoid the wires overheating since the current for all of the strands must run through the first and second strands of wires. When you leave the house or go to bed, be sure to turn off your holiday lights to avoid a fire.

Tips for Christmas Trees

A lot of thought needs to go into purchasing a Christmas tree for safety reasons. When buying a Christmas tree, make sure that it is freshly cut as it will be less prone to igniting. Make sure to water your Christmas tree as soon as you get it home and in the stand and check the water level every six to eight hours for the next day 24-48 hours since Christmas trees absorb a lot of water in the first two days. After that period, you should water your Christmas tree every one or two days. Make sure that your tree is not near any open flames or candles. If you do purchase an artificial tree, try to buy one that is flame retardant.

As for Christmas tree placement, make sure that your tree is kept away from high traffic areas such as doorways. Also, never use electric lights on metallic trees as damaged lights can become charged with electricity. Even if someone merely touches a branch, there is a chance they could be electrocuted. It’s best to keep Christmas trees away from heat sources in general.

Doors and Windows

Since break-ins are higher around the holidays, it’s essential that door and window locks are functioning well. The unpredictable winters in Ontario play a factor in how your doors and windows will function and they may need replacing. You may require replacement windows in Kitchener from a premium quality windows and doors company – don’t trust yourself to do the job as you may make errors that make the situation worse.

Hanging Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights can be a beautiful way to present your home to the neighborhood. However, there are many potential hazards when hanging outdoor lights. One of the most important home safety tips for the holidays is to be sure to keep electrical connectors away from any metal, including rain gutters.

Ladder Safety

We all know how dangerous ladders can be and how many people or workers get injured every year due to a lack of ladder safety. To avoid any mishaps when you are hanging those Christmas lights outside, choose a ladder that is compatible with the type of work you’re doing, and don’t pick any cheap options. Check for a certification mark to determine if your ladder is up to standards.

Test Your Smoke Alarm

One of the most important home safety tips for the holidays is to run a smoke alarm check to make sure they are working properly. You should also replace the batteries for your smoke alarms every year.

Furnace Inspection

To prevent any potential hazards, a qualified contractor should perform a yearly check of your furnace and venting system. Also, you should replace your furnace filter regularly so that your furnace does not have to work so hard. You can check out these tips to keep your home fresh and clean so that your home is safe and smells great!

Keep combustible materials such as gasoline, paper, paints, rags and cleaning products away from your gas furnace. Always store propane cylinders outside.

Be sure to follow these home safety tips for the holidays, so you can sit back and enjoy your holiday. Keep in mind that most common household hazards are preventable.

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  1. Your post got really excited. I love decorating for Christmas. I already some corners but will complete it right after Halloween. Thank you for the reminder. It’s been a while since I had the furnace checked.

    • I also love decorating for Christmas! I usually start decorating on Dec. 1. I do check all my Christmas lights to make sure they are still functioning properly so they are safe. Cheers, Lori

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