Screemers Returns to Exhibition Place, Toronto in 2019

Screemers at the Better Living Centre in Toronto in 2019
Screemers at the Better Living Centre in Toronto in 2019

Halloween is next week and we’re here with another fun and frightful Toronto Halloween event! Torontonicity was invited to Screemers: Canada’s Premier Scream Park – held in the Better Living Centre at Exhibition Place, but currently known as the Better Dead Centre! Read on if you’re looking for a night of entertainment, and love a good jump scare.

Screemers has been spooking guests for over a quarter of a decade! The theme park takes over 195 Princes’ Boulevard, occupying the entire building with seven haunted walks, 120 scattered live scare actors, a vampire lounge bar, and a Midway of Horror section where guests can ride an unlimited amount of times with the price of general admission.

Screemers at Exhibiton Place in Toronto 2019
Screemers at Exhibiton Place in Toronto 2019

There is a Fast Pass option that allows guests to cut to the front of the line, and if you don’t want to wait around for thirty-plus minutes at each haunted walk, I would highly recommend you add the option to your general admission ticket. We were able to jump right to the front of the line and kept our screams going the entire visit without downtime. Sounds intense, and it is!

Alright, so how scary is it actually?? Well, I would say that this is not for young children, or anyone with a heart-condition, sensitive to loud sudden sounds or suffers from claustrophobia. One haunted walk ends with a carnival-style labyrinth, and the only exit is through two oversized inflated nylon tunnels that allow for very little wiggle room. Make sure to check out the full list of warnings and restrictions on the Screemers website before purchasing tickets for Screemers .

Screemers at the Better Living Centre in Toronto in 2019
Screemers at the Better Living Centre in Toronto in 2019

Now that you’ve determined that you’re good to attend, here are a few things to keep an eye out for:

Some of the Screemers staff who sign-off on your tickets before entering a space will write you creepy customized notes, which can actually be pretty funny (within the context of terrifying Halloween themes). Guests in one line received messages that said “DIE,” but when my boyfriend and I walked up, I received “KILL HIM.” This made us both laugh out loud, so keep an eye out for what gets written on your ticket, as you may get something extra scary or just plain funny!

The actors within the haunted walks are serious about terrifying you. Jump scares aren’t the only tactic they use to terrify visitors slowly traveling through, but some of them will wait in the corners until you’ve passed and then take it upon themselves to run up behind you. This never gets old, and you are guaranteed to hear guests far in front or behind you completely losing it.

Maybe you need a break from having people run after you with chainsaws (yes, this happens in at least one haunted walk) and just want to go for a psychic reading – that’s also available at Screemers! A booth with two readers is there during the entire event to answer any and all questions you may have about your life and the path you’re on.

The main space of the Better Living Center is quite open, with the haunted walks lining the periphery. There are some stations that allow for selfies, but some of them are quite gruesome! One booth had what appeared to be a torture victim on a medical examination table, with all their skin peeled off. Screemers is not for the faint at heart, or the squeamish, so consider yourself warned!

Final thing to keep an eye (and ear) out for: the funny comments from the actors! Some guests aren’t terrified at all, and receive hilarious lines about how chill they are, and the staff at Screemers take this as an opportunity to exercise their improv muscles.

Don’t miss out on all the terrifying fun, as there’s roughly one week left to visit! The park is closed on Monday, October 28, 2019, but will run right through Halloween, with the closing weekend being November 2, 2019, so make sure to round up your group of bravest friends and venture out into the night! Leave a comment down below if you’ve already been and have a favourite haunted walk – let us know what some of your highlights were from visiting.

Screemers is not recommended for children under 10 years of age.

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