Christmas To-Do List: Shopping, Baking, Decorating and More

I love decorating our Christmas tree with ornaments handed down from my parents and grandparents.
I love decorating our Christmas tree with ornaments handed down from my parents and grandparents.

When November 1 arrives on the calendar, I go into Christmas prep mode. Planning ahead allows me to be able to enjoy the holidays by avoiding the stress of last-minute shopping, baking or gift wrapping. Often in the past, I have been so busy running around in the middle of December that I end up with a cold or the flu by the time Christmas arrives. Planning ahead avoids that dreaded scenario! I’m sharing my Christmas to-do list in case you need to be inspired to get better organized.


  1. Bake Christmas cookies – I made these White Chocolate Cranberry Bars last year and they were delicious!
  2. Reserve tickets for St. Michael’s Choir Christmas Concert.
  3. Buy gifts for nieces, nephews, sister, brother, mother and stepmother.
  4. Buy wrapping paper, gift bags, bows and tags.
  5. Buy holiday cards.
  6. Attend the One of a Kind Christmas Show and shop for holiday gifts.
  7. Get hair coloured and cut for the holiday season.
  8. Buy a new top or dress to wear for the holidays.
Attending St. Michael's Christmas Choir is a fun thing on my Christmas to-do list.
Attending St. Michael’s Christmas Choir is a fun thing on my Christmas to-do list.


      1. Decorate house for the holidays – I always wait until December 1 to decorate our home. It just seems too early to decorate it before December.
      2. Write and send holiday cards – This is one item on my Christmas to-do list that I don’t want to give up. It’s a heartwarming pleasure to receive Christmas cards in the mail from family and friends. I string the cards on a ribbon and pin them up on our wall as a Christmas decoration. I try to get my cards in the mail by December 5.
      3. Attend St. Michael’s Choir Christmas Concert – My mother and I have been attending St. Michael’s Choir Christmas Concert for the past six years. I always attended church growing up and sang and listened to the gorgeous Christmas music. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without hearing a choir sing Christmas carols.
      4. Attend holiday blogging events.
      5. Plan food for my mom’s birthday which falls in the middle of December – We usually have the whole family over to our house to celebrate my mom’s December birthday. Everyone brings a dish so it isn’t so much work for me.
      6. Bake one or two types of holiday cookies.
      7. Buy a real Christmas tree – We usually buy our real Christmas tree around December 13, but we have noticed in the past two years that there isn’t a great selection of trees left so we may have to bump this up to December 11. I don’t like to get our tree too early because I don’t want it to dry out by Christmas.
      8. Decorate Christmas tree – We usually do this within a day or two of putting up the tree.
      9. Have the family over for my mom’s birthday party.
      10. Visit Toronto Christmas Market to see the gorgeous Christmas tree decorated for the holidays.
      11. Meet one or two of my close friends for a holiday lunch.
      12. Watch holiday shows on TV (I never get tired of watching A Charlie Brown Christmas!)
      13. Wrap gifts – I do not like to spend Christmas Eve wrapping presents so I try and get them all wrapped by December 21.
      14. Decide on a recipe to prepare and bring to my brother’s place on Christmas Day.
      15. Buy groceries for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I usually do this on December 23 to avoid the crowds on December 24.
      16. Prepare recipe for Christmas Day. I do this during the day on December 24.
      17. Attend church on Christmas Eve.

What other things do you have on your Christmas to-do list? Let me know in the comments section.


  1. You are so organized for the holidays. You have such agreat schedule and if you can keep to it you are amazing. I usually just get things done at the last minute but not this well.

  2. We usually stay home, we don’t travel anymore to see anyone. We always say our door is open if they want to come here but we choose not to go anywhere during the holidays. So it is just relaxing and baking, watching movies, eating snacks, and enjoying family for us this time of year.

  3. I love your list. I think I’m goign to go ahead and bake my cookies in November this year too. I usually bake in December but I’m already in the baking mood

  4. Wow, you’re so organized! My schedule is a little more relaxed, but we usually cut our own tree between December 14-19. We like to leave it up until early January.

  5. Our list seems to be pretty identical. So many fun and exciting tasks awaits! Cannot wait decorating a Christmas tree already.

  6. Yes! You are so busy and I also start prepping November1st 🙂 Time really isn’t our friend and it flies through way too quick. My December is full of different activities and lots of birthdays to celebrate.

  7. I’m excited for the holidays this year! I think we’re going to go up in the mountains to cut down a tree this year. And we attended a local live production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever a few days ago.

    • That would be amazing to cut down your tree in the mountains. I’m sure it’s incredibly scenic. Wow, you have already attended a Christmas pageant? That’s early! Cheers, Lori

  8. So organized, I need to start thinking about decorating, but I have so much work, you are getting me on the spirit though

  9. You are so well organized. Very impressive. I do totally agree with starting early so that you don’t get sick. This invariably happens to me. Seeing the Christmas decorations and trees does put me in the holiday spirit. Along with the music 🙂 Happy Holiday’s!

  10. We typically put up our tree and decorate right after Thanksgiving (as long as all the kids are home) from there, we wing it.

    • It’s helpful to have the kids around so they can help decorate the tree. We usually put up our tree around December 12, but might try and do it a bit earlier this year. Cheers, Lori

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