Holiday Gifts Your Grandparents Will Love

Best holiday gift ideas for your grandparents
Best holiday gift ideas for your grandparents

Do you have to shop for grandparents this holiday season? Even if you spend a lot of time with your grandparents and seem to know them well, picking out the perfect present is never an easy task. A good suggestion is to try and put yourself in their shoes so that you can come up with gift ideas that suit their lifestyle.

If your family celebrates traditional holiday celebrations such as Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza, check out these gift ideas that your grandma or grandpa should love.

Best holiday gift ideas for your grandparents
Best holiday gift ideas for your grandparents

Robot Vacuum

Many seniors find cleaning their homes difficult, especially if they are experiencing joint or back pain. Why not give your grandparents a robot vacuum to clean their floors so they can save their energy for more enjoyable activities such as attending social clubs, meeting their friends for coffee or going for walks. Robot vacuums are easy to use and do not need to be operated via WiFi. A robot vacuum is the perfect holiday gift for grandparents who want to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying life.

Home Caregiving

Perhaps your grandmother or grandfather is reaching an age where they can’t move around like she or he used to. Watching loved ones age is challenging, so it’s important to take advantage of the time that we get to share with them now.

Consider the gift of in-home healthcare. More and more seniors are choosing to age at home today because it offers them the opportunity to live comfortably in the place that they call home, in a space that offers them dignity and independence. In-home healthcare services can include meal preparation, cleaning, laundry and other home-related tasks.

If your grandparents suffer from dementia, you can contact a home healthcare provider that specializes in Dementia care treatments in Toronto and the GTA. Alzheimer’s disease affects almost 750,000 Canadians and it’s a disease that is mentally and physically debilitating.

Even if your grandparent does not suffer from dementia or another chronic illness, home healthcare is an excellent way to treat your loved ones. They’ll have caregivers come right to their door to help them with tasks around the house and attend to personal care and medication management.

Some home healthcare services may also provide additional treatments such as in-home massage therapy. A relaxing, gentle massage — now there’s a great idea for a holiday gift!

Personalized Calendars

Find your favourite photographs of the family and your grandparents and turn it into a beautiful calendar that they can proudly hang on the wall all year long. Personalize each month’s photo and find older images of them when they were young. You can turn your photos into a beloved calendar by taking them into retail stores such as Walmart or Staples, and there are also online resources to bring your memories to life.

Prepared Meal Delivery Service

A great holiday gift for your grandparents is a subscription to a prepared meal delivery service. Meal delivery services offer healthy, home-cooked meals delivered straight to your door. This gives your grandparents a break from cooking several times a week. You can choose subscriptions for as little as one week up to a few months.

Customized Sweaters

OK, so the “ugly Christmas sweater” idea has been done to death, but the truth is it’s still fun and they make great gifts — especially for older family members such as grandparents. You can order personalized sweaters that say “Best Grandma” or “Best Grandpa” and the chances of them putting it on immediately and not taking it off ever again are pretty high. It would be even better if you made yourself a sweater with “Favourite Grandchild” on it so you can be part of the gimmicky gift too.

The holidays are about celebrating with family and looking forward to the year ahead. Make your grandparents feel special this year by giving them one of these best holiday gift ideas for your grandparents.

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  1. If my grandparents were still alive, I know they’d love a robot vacuum. They’d just be amazed at the technology! My aunt has mobility issues so I know she would like to have that too.

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