Simple Ways to Maximize Closet Space

Maximize closet space with these easy steps, photo Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay
Maximize closet space with these easy steps, photo Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay

If you are not lucky enough to have a grand walk-in closet and you are continuously stuffing your wardrobe to the ceiling until it’s completely unmanageable, it’s time to clear out some space and get it reorganized. Leaving your closet space messy and disorganized with clothes, bags, belts, jewelry, and shoes is not only an ugly sight, but it can make you dread getting dressed. From a Feng shui perspective, an overflowing closet creates not only a physical block, but it also blocks chi energy leading to stagnant chi energy in your home. Simple space-saving ideas like the use of shelves, racks, hanging rods, drawers, and special hangers can maximize your wardrobe storage space, so your days of searching for matching shoes or accessories are over.

Maximize closet space with these easy steps, photo Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay
Maximize closet space with these easy steps, photo Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay

Use hangers

One of the best options to create space in your closet is the use of hangers that maximize vertical space so that clothes take up less room horizontally. You can invest in the same colour hangers for shirts and a different colour to hang trousers, skirts and so on. Remove all the contents out of the closet and start organizing shirts, skirts, trousers, right down to belts, ties, and scarfs using their individual hangers. Specialty hangers can also hold a lot of pairs of pants, ties, or group together outfits to make more space in your closet.

Sort your items

There are several ways you can rearrange your clothing to free up some space. Put your shortest clothes on one side and the longer pieces on the other. Then add shelves for shoes or drawers underneath the shorter hanging clothes. You can also sort clothes by colour, by season, or by the fit i.e. tight or loose. If the clothes in your closet are too tight and you’ve been hanging them for over a year, sell or donate them as the clothes are taking valuable space in your closet. You can also sort clothes by everyday wear, evening wear or formal wear. This organizational tip will make it easier to get dressed in the mornings.

Use the closet doors

The inside of closet doors is often a neglected storage space, yet it can hold a lot of things. To maximize closet space, get straps, clips, or hooks that you can mount on the inside of your closet doors. These will enable you to hang an entire collection of handbags, purses, socks, handkerchiefs, hats, undergarments, and other essential accessories.

Double your hanging space

Most small closets have one rod for hanging clothes. If space permits, add another rod below this one since it lets you double your hanging capacity. Double hanging rods are easy to install: you need two metal closet brackets and a rod. If you use the double hanging rod together with thin hangers, you can free up as much as a third of your closet space.

Install shelves

Installing additional shelves inside your closet can provide much-needed storage space. You can mount the shelves all the way up, taking advantage of the height of your wardrobe or across, depending on how wide your closet is. You can also install a small shelf above the closet door on the inside. Here you can keep valuables and items that you don’t want your kids to touch. Opt for wood shelves since wire shelves will end up leaving lines on clothes.

Closet shoe organizer

Having a shoe organizer in your closet will create room for other things. A shoe rack, shoe storage bench, cubby hole, or door pouch will keep your shoes in one place, making your closet space more accessible. Before purchasing a shoe organizer, make sure that you take measurements of the area where you are going to install it and account for all your shoes plus extra space for the next new pair.

Invest in stackable storage

Stackable storage containers are a great way to store items such as sweaters, winter coats, gym wear, or other things that you do not need regularly. Get some clear plastic containers with lids so that you can stack higher, and everything inside the boxes stays dust-free. Choose boxes that are big enough to handle a lot of items, but not so big that you can’t maneuver them in and out of your closet door. To maximize closet space, square or rectangular boxes can be stored on the top shelf or on the floor if there is room. To keep the closet more organized, stick labels on the containers to identify the items inside.

Searching through your closet wastes valuable time and leads to frustration. No matter the size of your closet, putting items in their right place is necessary. Assess your closet space carefully then apply space-saving tips that fit your budget, lifestyle, and preferences.


  1. My daughter’s closet is so tiny! We did put some shelves in there and also did two clothes hanging bars on one side, and one on the other, to double up on space.

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