Amazon’s Hunters Preview Party at Danforth Music Hall

Hunters on Amazon preview at Danforth Music Hall
Hunters on Amazon preview at Danforth Music Hall

Amazon Prime has a new series that’ll be available to stream as of Friday February 21, 2020: Hunters. This new revenge story carries some big industry names, and Torontonicity was invited to the exclusive sneak preview this week that took place at the historic Danforth Music Hall.

Hunters is the new drama series that takes place in 1977 New York City, and focuses on a select group of local community members who band together to track and destroy a group of Nazis who are planning another genocide. Academy Award winner Jordan Peele is the Executive Producer for the series that features a cast headlined by Al Pacino, who plays Meyer Offerman.

The Amazon Prime team transformed Danforth Music Hall, immersing guests in the era and world of Hunters. The space was filled with the sounds of the 70s, and included break dancers, graffiti artists, and actors dressed as cops with various photo op stations. The “cops” took their roles pretty seriously, as they walked around occasionally handcuffing guests for mischievous behaviour.

A couple dresses in 70s clothing at Hunters on Amazon preview party
A couple dresses in 70s clothing at Hunters on Amazon preview party

One station included a couple barbecuing in a sunny outdoor scene, where guests could enjoy a hot dog at their picnic table. It wasn’t until viewing the first episode that everyone really understood how relevant this station was. The couple at the preview represented Biff Simpson’s character, played by actor Dylan Baker – a high ranking Nazi official who went thirty years undercover in the United States. Baker is incredibly creepy in the first episode, so I can’t wait to see what happens with his character next!

Hunters on Amazon preview at Danforth Music Hall
Hunters on Amazon preview at Danforth Music Hall

Another fantastic station was the graffiti artists who were live painting a mural with various visual elements from the series. The series title had a bloody X painted over it, flanked by the portraits of two characters. I have to say that these artists were so talented, as the Meyer Offerman portrait was spot on and unmistakable!

Hunters on Amazon officially become available to Amazon Prime members Friday, February 21, 2020, and I’m sure it’s going to be a huge hit and the point of discussion in most offices once everyone is back at work! Please note that the series does not pull its punches, and does contain strong language with graphic violence and content that may be triggering to some audience members. If you’re enticed by the first ten minutes of the first episode, then sit back and enjoy the ride!

After you’ve enjoyed some episodes, leave us a comment down below and let us know what you thought of Hunters on Amazon Prime.

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  1. I’ve never heard about Hunters movie before but I will surely check this movie and watch. I love the 70’s fashion event vibe. Awesome photos!

  2. It has been a while since my last play. Thanks for reminding me of this. Anyway, looks like a nice show. Enjoyed the vid.

  3. Wow! It seems like it going to be a great series. Jordan Peele never disappoints. Also, I think a lot of creativity was put into transforming the Danforth Hall. Really nice.

  4. Is the hunters series just on YouTube or is it on Netflix as well. I usually watch new series there 🙂

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