How to Find the Top Sales Talent in Toronto

There are several steps companies can take to find the best sales talent in Toronto.
There are several steps companies can take to find the best sales talent in Toronto.

If you’re managing a sales team in Toronto, the competition for extraordinary salespeople is steep. Not only do you need to remain on a constant watch for better candidates, but you’ve got to maintain an ongoing campaign to attract the best sales talent.

If you ignore the need to constantly remain alert to hiring practices, then you risk losing excellent employees to the competition. Busy sales managers should take several steps to ensure that they attract the best sales talent.

There are several steps companies can take to find the best sales talent in Toronto.
There are several steps companies can take to find the best sales talent in Toronto.

Land of Opportunity

As the largest city in Canada, and the country’s thriving economic centre, people in all industries have been flocking to Toronto for years in order to try to find bigger and better opportunities. The amount of exchange that occurs in Toronto is greater than in any of the other provinces or territories, which provides opportunities for businesses to grow as well.

Small Pond Versus Big City

If you’re operating a business in a rural location with a smaller population density, then you get to be a big fish in a small pond. In this case, you’ll attract all of the best sales talent in the area because the opportunities to get hired are few and far between. With a smaller pool of talent, however, it becomes more difficult to consistently maintain a team of highly competent salespeople.

The Toronto Difference

On the other hand, if your company is advertising sales jobs in Toronto, then you’re going to expect to choose from a larger pool of sales talent. The problem you’ll encounter in a larger city, however, is that the competition is greater as well.

This means that Toronto offers an enormous advantage in comparison to smaller areas – just as long as you are prepared to take advantage of hiring opportunities and not allow then to slip through your fingers. In a city that is expected to soon reach a population of 8 million people, you can’t afford to pass up on quality help when hiring.

Recruiting Should Be Done Year-Round

Recruiting to find the best sales staff should not simply be done when there is a job opening in your company as that could leave you shorthanded. Seeking out top sales talent needs to be done throughout the year. One of the ways to make recruiting seamless is to attend industry conferences. Conferences are a great place for employers to meet with potential sales candidates. HR staff should also be reading websites related to their industry and sales and marketing publications to find the best sales talent for their company.


Many companies advertise their job openings on LinkedIn. In fact, LinkedIn has become so dominant in the job search field that companies that don’t have a profile on LinkedIn are missing a huge opportunity to connect with potential sales candidates online. Many sales job seekers follow the companies on LinkedIn that they would like to work for so this provides a large pool of candidates for potential jobs. Job seekers also read job postings on LinkedIn, and apply online where possible. Your company can post available jobs on LinkedIn. Your company’s HR staff can also actively search on LinkedIn for potential candidates for their sales positions.

Hire a Sales Recruiter

One of the most important reasons for contacting a sales recruiter occurs when your company exists in an area that contains a larger population and competition for hiring sales talent is fierce. Sales recruiters offer a number of services that are particularly important in such circumstances, including:

⦁ Advanced Professional Candidate Assessment
⦁ Hiring for Executive Positions
⦁ Group Hiring
⦁ Attracting Sales Talent to Your Company
⦁ Unique Talent Search Campaigns

Sales recruiters can take care of the majority of the legwork so that you are free to run your sales team through important campaigns and serve your clients as required without interruption. Sales recruiters also contact salespeople who are already employed since some of the most successful salespeople are never unemployed.

Following the above tips should help you find the best sales talent in Toronto. Please let us know in the comment section if you have any other suggestions.

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