How to Maintain a Good Relationship with Your Landlord

It's in your best interest to develop a good relationship with your landlord.
It's in your best interest to develop a good relationship with your landlord.

Renters and landlords have a symbiotic relationship: renters need a place to live, while landlords need to generate a stream of income from their properties. Like any other symbiotic relationship, the renter/landlord relationship is a two-way street. One cannot take from the other without affecting the delicate balance.

It's in your best interest to develop a good relationship with your landlord.
It’s in your best interest to develop a good relationship with your landlord.

If you’re moving into a new apartment, condo or house, you’ll want to make sure that you build a good relationship with your landlord. The easiest way to do this is by using the tips and tricks mentioned below.

Be Polite and Respectful

When dealing with your landlord, you should be polite and respectful. You don’t have to become best friends, (in fact, it’s probably best if you don’t since this is a business relationship) but you should always use good manners while interacting with your landlord. For example, use language such as, “Would you please send a plumber to fix the leaky faucet in our bathroom” and be sure to thank him or her for any action they have taken. This will help build rapport and trust with him or her. Keep in mind that often, it is not what is said, but the way in which it is said that matters. Speaking calmly and using kind words can go a long way. Additionally, if you and your landlord are on good terms, they will be more inclined to help you if there is an issue with the living space.

Respect the Lease

If you’re a first-time renter, you may not have much experience with rental leases. A lease is a legally binding document that needs to be taken extremely seriously by both parties involved. The lease states all of the critical details of your rental agreement. It lists the obligations of both the landlord and the renter. Make sure you read it over carefully before signing it to ensure it spells out who is responsible for certain duties such as lawn maintenance and snow removal and whether heat and hydro are included in the lease.

Failing to respect the lease can potentially result in expensive legal disputes. This is the last thing that someone wants to deal with after moving into their new living space.

Some things that you should never do without your landlord’s permission include:

  • Painting the walls
  • Subletting
  • Renovating

Additionally, it would be best if you didn’t try to bring an animal into a non-pet friendly space. If you can’t imagine living without your furry companions, you can find a variety of pet friendly apartment rentals by using modern rental real estate platforms.

These websites allow you to find pet friendly apartments for rent in your dream area. You can filter your searches by adding your preferences, such as the number of bathrooms or square footage.

Further, many of these rental real estate companies give you access to a digital copy of your lease. If you think that you’re about to accidentally violate your lease, you can reference your lease quickly from your smartphone or computer.

Pay Your Rent on Time

This tip may seem obvious, but it’s essential. If you don’t want your landlord knocking on your door, you should always pay your rent on time. One or two late payments might be overlooked, but if you’re making late payments regularly, keep in mind that you are breaking the terms of your lease. Further, making late rent payments can have a negative influence on your credit score and your good relationship with your landlord.

Landlords and renters need to have mutual respect for one another. Following the above-noted tips should ensure that you establish a good relationship with your landlord.

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