Take Advantage of Free Online Courses While Stuck at Home

If you are stuck at home, you can take free online courses, photo Tumisu from Pixabay
If you are stuck at home, you can take free online courses, photo Tumisu from Pixabay

Many of us are now in our third week of self-isolation. Admittedly, it’s easier for some of us than for others. Perhaps you and your spouse are both working from home while trying to supervise your kids in their online schooling. With restrictions on going almost anywhere except the grocery store, things may be starting to become a little intense. It’s also easy to become a bit down after listening to the 24/7 news cycle or looking at social media, which seems to be focusing on only one story…the C********** (I’m not spelling it out so that I don’t get penalized by Google!)

On the upside (yes, believe it or not, there is an upside!), our time at home presents a great opportunity for catching up on long-forgotten household chores, organizing our closets, storage rooms and basements, bonding with your family over some Netflix series, indulging in some of the books on your reading list and getting your backyard ready for summer to name a few. This is also a great time to take an online course. Many businesses are opening up their catalogues and offering free online courses for a limited time. Digital Marketer recently offered all of their courses for free for the month of March. Their courses individually cost $495 so this was a really generous offer. Read below to learn about many free online courses you can take right now:

If you are stuck at home, you can take free online courses, photo Tumisu from Pixabay
If you are stuck at home, you can take free online courses, photo Tumisu from Pixabay


Udemy offers a wide range of free courses due to the current global situation including introductions to Coding; Photography; HTML5; Digital Art; Aromatherapy; Presentation Skills; Baking; Writing; Leadership, PowerPoint; Public Speaking.

Learn Digital with Google

Learn Digital with Google is offering free courses including Fundamentals of Digital Marketing; Get a Business Online; Online Advertising; Understanding Customer Needs; Connect with Customers over Mobile; Basics of Coding; Effective Networking.

Free Online Courses from Ivy League Universities

These online courses from Ivy League universities including Harvard, Princeton, Yale and others include a wide range of subjects such as America’s Unwritten Constitution; Economics of Money and Banking; First Nights – Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo and the Birth of Opera; The Global Financial Crisis; Introduction to Breast Cancer; Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies; Contract Law; Shakespeare’s Othello; Fundamentals of Clinical Trials; Linux Basics; Everyday Parenting; Financial Markets; Masterpieces of World Literature; Exposing Digital Photography; Intellectual Property Law.

Free Moz Courses

The free courses from Moz include SEO Fundamentals; Keyword Research; Page Optimization; Backlink Basics; SEO Site Audit; Finding SEO clients.

Free Coursera Certificates

You’ll find a wide range of subjects in the free Coursera Certificates courses including Intro to Programming; Intro to Human Physiology; Chinese for Beginners; Guitar for Beginners; Demystifying Mindfulness; Intro to Sustainability; Creative Problem Solving; Intro to Personal Branding; How To Write a Resume; Essentials of Global Health.

FinCon Online Courses

Free online courses being offered by FinCon include How to Grow Email Subscribers, Create a Successful Pinterest Marketing Plan, How to Make Your YouTube Highly Subscribable, Earn a 6 Figure Income as a Brand Ambassador, How to Monetize Your Podcast.

Later Instagram Training

Free online courses include Instagram training, Influencer Marketing, Create an Instagram Content Plan, How to Write Engaging Instagram Captions, How to Increase Engagement, How to Design Instagram Stories, How to Get Your First 1,000 Subscribers.

I hope you get a chance to take at least one of these free online courses. Let me know in the comment section which course catches your attention. Stay safe everyone!

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  1. WOW Lori I am really glad I found your blog.

    I didn’t know Digital Marketer is offering their course for free. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    Now I have a lot of learning to do haha 🙂

    • Hi, The Digital Marketer courses were free until March 31 and then they extended them to April 14. I hope you are still able to get that deal, but if not, there are a lot of other courses that are free at the moment! Cheers, Lori

  2. I’ve heard about Udemy awhile back but never really took the time to get around it. I guess I can now because I have nothing but time, haha! Might also check those free courses on Instagram training too! Thanks for this list!

  3. I heard of google course sometime back but certificate course I’m interested in it but afraid if it can be countable. Udemy is really good.

  4. Really nice post Lori, and very helpful right now. I’m a huge fan of udemy, if you wait until the regular sales wkds they have you can get courses made by experts in their field for £10 – not sure where you can get a better deal than that! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!!! 🙂

  5. I love this post!! It is a great idea to get involved and learn online while this is all going on for sure xx

  6. Very useful post, Lori. I’ve signed up for several Udemy courses. They had a flash sale last week. Courses were as low as $13.99 CAD. I enrolled in a few of their free courses too about writing and podcasting.

  7. These are the great courses while stay at home and I’am so interested about the Learn Digital with Google I would love to check this one thanks to this:)

  8. I have been learning a new language online for free. I can speak and understand Mandarin but now I am learning how to read and write the characters. It is a fun activity to do during my free time and I know it will help a lot in the future. Once I have mastered this, I am moving on to learning French. 🙂 I will check out Udemy and see what courses they offer too.

    • That is great that you are brushing up on your Mandarin. You are ambitious to want to learn French too! I love the quality of the Udemy courses! Cheers, Lori

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