Sliding or Garden: Choose a Patio Door for Summer

Choose a patio door based on the space available in your room.
Choose a patio door based on the space available in your room.

The summer is quickly approaching, and that means all of the activities we dream about all winter are soon going to become a reality: backyard BBQs, planting flowers and veggies in our gardens and reading a gripping novel on our decks. With only a few months to enjoy summer in Canada, it’s essential to soak up the warm weather while we can!

A perfect way to invite the summer into your home is with a patio door. Typically, homeowners install a patio door in their kitchens so that they can carry food and drinks easily to the backyard. You’ll also find patio doors installed in living, dining or family rooms, depending on individual preference. Patio doors installed in rooms at the back of your house offer the convenience of not having to walk around to the side door to access your backyard.

Choose a patio door based on the space available in your room.
Choose a patio door based on the space available in your room.

Installing a patio door will also provide a great source of natural light into your room. You may find you are saving on your electricity bill since you won’t need to use as much artificial lighting.

Let’s consider the differences between a sliding patio door and a garden patio door to choose a patio door that is best for your home.

The Ease of Sliding Doors

Sliding patio doors are easy to use and offer quick, convenient access to your yard. Sliding doors also offer the following benefits:

  • Security: Look for sliding doors with aluminum seals, incorporated gaskets, and fixed and mobile rails that meet and interlock, so that their removal from the outside becomes impossible. You can also find sliding doors equipped with shatterproof safety glass.
  • An Indoor/Outdoor Flow: A sliding door makes it easy to bring the outdoors into your home by creating a seamless flow between the spaces of your home’s interior and exterior. They have large glass panes and offer year-long views of your landscape and panoramic views beyond.
  • Space-Saving: A sliding door is a better option for a smaller room or where there is not a lot of space since a sliding door does not need the space to swing open and closed like a hinged door.
  • Cool Air: Opening a patio door while leaving the screen door closed will allow an influx of fresh, cool air so you won’t have to turn on your air conditioner as often. That will result in savings on your electricity bill.

Consult a window and door manufacturer and installer such as Casa Bella Windows who are located right here in the GTA. They have an extensive selection of energy-efficient, high-quality sliding doors that can be customized to fit your home.

The Elegance of Garden Doors

Sliding doors and Garden doors both offer benefits to users, and neither one nor the other is “better” — it’s just a matter of assessing what’s best for you and your family.

Garden doors typically come in two panels, with one used as the entryway and other as ventilation. You can install a solid door with a fixed screen for extra ventilation, so you can let the fresh air into your home when the weather’s right.

If you have a large room in your home or one that leads onto a large balcony or terrace, a set of garden doors is typically more aesthetically appealing than sliding doors. It’s more dramatic, and you can accent the room by placing beautiful, long curtains on the doors.

While sliding doors offer convenience, a beautiful set of garden doors gives you a chance to beautify your home. Once you choose a patio door, you can look forward to enjoying more natural light in your home and a spectacular view to enjoy those long summer days.

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