Four Emerging Lifestyle Trends as a Result of the Pandemic

Ordering meal delivery kits is a popular trend as a result of the pandemic.
Seared Shrimp Skewers and Orzo Salad from Goodfood, a popular meal delivery kit company.

The pandemic has certainly changed many of our lives. The negative consequences of the coronavirus include loss of jobs and income, stress and line-ups at the grocery stores, massive uncertainty about the future, lack of physical contact with family and friends, lack of access to gyms and parks, closure of community centres and postponement of children’s camps and activities…I could go on!

There are, however, some interesting lifestyle trends that have emerged as a result of the pandemic. Read further to find out how life has changed for the better.

Ordering meal delivery kits is a popular trend as a result of the pandemic.
Seared Shrimp Skewers and Orzo Salad from Goodfood, a popular meal delivery kit company.

Cooking with the Family

With restaurants closed except for take-out, many people are turning to their kitchens as a source of creativity and togetherness. Families are cooking together more than ever…and this is a good thing since research states that families who cook and eat together at home are healthier. One area of cooking that has exploded is the meal kit delivery service. This allows couples of families to order the specific meals they would like to prepare and receive all the ingredients, measured for the recipe, that are necessary to make the recipe. Meal kit delivery means you don’t have to go to the grocery store as often. It also provides an activity in which the whole family can become involved. Check out this meal kit delivery guide to see how consumers rated them.


One of the positive trends as a result of the pandemic is gardening. Self-sustainability, getting outside for fresh air and keeping the kids engaged in fun activities are all reasons why gardening has become so popular now. In fact, seed sellers have reported that the demand for seeds is unprecedented. Growing our own food gives us a feeling of security should there be shortages in the future. Gardening is also a deeply satisfying activity that encourages creativity and discipline and keeps you grounded during these unstable times. Find out how to prevent animals from eating your vegetable garden.

Getting to Know Your Neighbours

Even though we are still required to social distance, since more people are stuck at home, they are spending more time in their neighbourhoods going for walks, runs, and bike rides. Since the kids are at home and can’t attend their usual recreational classes and parks, they are using their neighbourhood streets as their personal playground…just like it was when I was a kid! As a result, people are getting to know their neighbours.

Online Shopping

Since stores were shuttered for several months and still continue to be closed in certain parts of Ontario, online shopping has exploded in the past few months. Research indicates that four in ten consumers have shopped on a new website during the pandemic and 45% of those shoppers will continue to shop on that site. Further, many stores have gone bankrupt during the pandemic, increasing the demand for online shopping. Pandemic or not, online shopping is here to stay.

Shop streaming or live commerce is an online shopping trend on its way to North America. During a shop streaming event, an influencer will showcase a product in 3D, describing all of its details. You can invite your friends and family to help you decide what looks best on you during this shared online experience.

Are you following one or more of the above lifestyle trends as a result of the pandemic?


  1. I always did online shopping, but I’ve probably done it more! And I hate to cook, sadly. I find the more people in the kitchen, the crankier I get. But I’ll still invite my kids to help because I hope they take over cooking dinner;)

  2. Hi it’s Brenda from I can’t say that the epidemic has changed us much. We’ve always been big at eating at home and shopping online. Next year when we buy a house we plan to start a garden.

  3. Greetings from a fellow Torontonian. For me i am doing more gardening and getting to know the neighbors but also more introspective, seeing what is important and grateful and hopeful for a better future thanks for doing all that you are doing.

    • Hi Jerry, I’ve always enjoyed gardening but we are doing more this year and I have definitely been interacting more with my neighbours. Yes, it’s a great time to reflect on what is really important in life! Cheers, Lori

  4. That shrimp and orzo looks amazing! We’ve been ordering all our groceries, and getting the occasional take out for lunch or dinner.

  5. We used to get a meal kit about once every 2 months, but since the shutdown, we started getting them weekly. It has reduced a lot of stress because it means less grocery shopping and meal planning.

  6. I agree with these as well. I already knew all my neighbors, but it’s nice to chat with them more. We did some gardening as well, but we’ve always been doing that. Honestly, for me not a whole lot changed.

  7. I am loving all of these trends! My kids are cooking with me more and we have been able to spend so much quality time together.

  8. I’ve definitely gotten into cooking more since all of this started! It’s made me so much healthier and saved me a lot of money.

  9. It’s true there have been some changes. We are literally living through things that will be written about in history books!

  10. Agree with your round up of trends and seeing it in our own lives, with more home cooking and online shopping. Not too much gardening though as I don’t have much of a green thumb!

  11. I think online shopping has become even bigger than it already was. Cooking with the family has increased in our home as well. Now to just get the kids to enjoy everything we cook. Ha ha!

  12. Very interesting trends indeed. I’m most excited about gardening and taking care of our environment. Finally, climate change is taking a front seat. Yummy looking shrimp & orzo.

    • I also did a lot of shopping online in April and May, but have slowed down now since I got most of what I needed. Having more family dinners is great! Cheers, Lori

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