How Your Kids Can Enjoy the Outdoors During the Pandemic

Get outdoors during the pandemic with a family bike ride, photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels
Get outdoors during the pandemic with a family bike ride, photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

These days during the pandemic, when kids aren’t doing their homework, they are busy playing video games, watching social media, and streaming TV shows. Technology can keep kids hooked to their screens all day. That’s why it’s more important than ever to get your kids outside for fresh air and exercise. Enjoying outdoor activities as a family also provides opportunities to bond and enjoy the smaller yet truer moments of life. Of course, due to the Coronavirus, physical distancing must be maintained even outdoors. Here are a few ways your kids can enjoy the outdoors during the pandemic.

Get outdoors during the pandemic with a family bike ride, photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels
Get outdoors during the pandemic with a family bike ride, photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

Go apple or pumpkin picking

I have such happy childhood memories of going apple picking with my family in the fall. We came home with a large bushel of freshly-picked apples that we enjoyed eating for several weeks; my mother would also make a delicious apple crisp. If you really want to give your kids a fun day in nature, consider taking them apple picking or pumpkin picking if it is later in October. There is nothing like picking your own fruits to make everyone feel connected to Mother Nature.

Help them create a garden

Even though we are now entering the fall, you can still engage your children in gardening by involving them in planting bulbs for the spring. They will get excited when spring comes around to see the plants sprouting up in the garden. Bulbs that your kids can plant in the fall include daffodil, crocus, tulip, hyacinth, allium, and starflower. Involve your kids in the planning of the garden by having them plant combinations of different coloured flowers.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Visit your local conservation area or provincial park and involve your kids in a nature scavenger hunt. Break up into teams of two and the first team that identifies a list of plants, flowers and bugs win. You can use the Seek app that will identify plants and animals in real-time.

Family Cycling

Autumn is a gorgeous time to cycle along bike paths both in the city or at the cottage. While the weather is still good, gather the kids together for a family bike ride. You’ll get to see the gorgeous fall colours while everyone gets their exercise. Some popular biking trails in Toronto are the Beltline Trail, Waterfront Trail, Don Valley Brickworks Park, Wilket Creek Park, Taylor Creek Park.

Riding an Electric car

If you are looking for real fun, try electric cars for kids. These are safe and geared towards early teens because they know how to drive them and have fun with them. You can have a 24v ride on cars in theme parks.

It’s important for kids to get outdoors during the pandemic. Hopefully, the above suggestions will give you ideas to help your kids get some fresh air and stay healthy.


  1. Another great option, that my sister-in-law uses a lot with our nieces, is to visit local trails. Here in Ontario, there are so many incredible hiking trails all over the province – different locations, skill levels, views, etc. Even for those who have never hiked a trail before, there are beginner-friendly trails everywhere. Why not make the most of them? Hitting a trail as a family encourages everyone to get outdoors AND promotes physical activity. It’s a win/win (and most trails are free).

  2. Outdoors is good for everyone to do now and then, and safely too. Even steady walking or jogging helps with our sedentary lifestyle of late. I want to do some apple picking soon.

  3. This is so true. It is a struggle getting the kids outside. I love hiking and going to orchards and always do this with kids.

  4. Love the idea of creating a garden! I’ve been going for a walks and seen next doors kids rollerblading, and cycling. So happy so see kids taking time for outdoor activities!

  5. It’s important to encourage children to get outside as much as possible. It’s great that there is so much they can do although that can depend on the weather.

  6. I’ve seen, on Instagram Stories, some families have managed to go pumpkin picking early in the morning to avoid the crowds. It’s still a risky thing to do as masks aren’t required, but if you stick together and try to stay out of everyone’s way, hopefully everything will be alright!

    Just going on neighbourhood walks is another way to get some outside time; that’s something I eventually had to do. My work was closed for 3 months and I started going stir-crazy being stuck inside so I started to walk to the supermarket as a way to get SOME outside time, because we really do need it, and it definitely helped!

  7. Sweet! I love the idea of creating a garden together. It’ll help them become more spiritual and learn the value of delayed gratification!

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