La Presserie Cold-Pressed Juices Now Sold in Select Stores

La Presserie Cold-Pressed Juices are now available in select grocery stores in Ontario.
La Presserie Cold Pressed Juices

Since the pandemic began, more of us are working from home. That means juggling work duties with household responsibilities. Although some of us have become multi-tasking masters, it’s great when we can simplify household duties while working from home. When you are using your home as a workspace, it’s difficult to concentrate when you know there are dirty dishes in the sink or out of the corner of your eye, you see a pile of clean laundry waiting to be folded.

I love fresh raw juice – it not only tastes great, but fresh raw juice provides many of our daily nutritional requirements. I’ll be honest, though: I don’t enjoy taking a break from my workday to cut up all the fruits and veggies, make the juice, and then have to clean my juicer! If I am busy with work and don’t have time to do all of those steps, I will skip making fresh juice altogether, which is admittedly, not a good move.

That’s why I was excited to try La Presserie cold-pressed juice. Their juices are made from 100% raw fruits and vegetables and they are flash frozen so you know you are getting high nutritional value. I just take one out of the freezer the night before and it is thawed and ready to enjoy the next day. I love that these juices contain no added sugar or added water and of course, there are no preservatives.

I tried several La Presserie Cold Pressed Juices including:
Pomegranate Raspberry
Pineapple Kale with Raw Turmeric Root
Apple Spinach with Celery
Carrot Orange with Guava
Beet Carrot with Lemon
Tomato Orange with Spice
Pineapple Grapefruit with Mint
Apple Cucumber with Lemon
Blue Fruit Punch
Pink Lemonade

There’s a limited edition Cranberry Maple Berry, which would be perfect to enjoy over the holidays!

Working at home and enjoying a La Presserie cold pressed juice.
Working at home and enjoying a La Presserie cold pressed juice.

La Presserie cold-pressed juices are flash frozen to retain their flavour and nutrients. Now, La Presseries juices are being sold at select grocery stores including Pusateri’s, Whole Foods Market, Organic Garage, Sobeys Urban Fresh, McEwan, Foodland, Fiesta Farms, Ambrosia Natural Foods, Nature’s Emporium and more. You can also order La Presserie cold-pressed juices directly from their website.

One of the best features of La Presserie juices is their longevity. They will last in your freezer for up to a year and in your fridge, thawed, for 14 days. This is so much better than buying fresh raw juice and having it go to waste.

My favourite La Presserie cold-pressed juice is Pomegranate Raspberry (made from pomegranate, strawberry and raspberry juices). This juice is thick and sweet. Pineapple Kale is also a great tasting juice with the pineapple offering the perfect amount of sweetness to counter the bitterness of the kale.

You can order La Presserie cold-pressed juices in packs of 6 ($30) or you can buy a variety pack of 12 ($60).

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  1. I survive on companies like La Presserie right now that do a job that I don’t want to do (making fresh juice), but make something that I really want (healthy raw fruit&veg drinks).

  2. Love these but I’m more a smoothie gal as they’re thicker and I can customize with chocolates and nuts as i wish. I’d use La Presserie raw juices as a base for my smoothies, that’s for sure.

  3. These all look and sound amazing, especially the pomegranate raspberry juice. Those are flavours that I am always drawn to. I bet that they could be used to make some incredible smoothies and even added to smoothie bowls (in moderation) for a little extra flavour. So many great uses!

  4. I used to LOVE making my own smoothies, but I never got around to making my own juices. I love fruits *and* vegetables, so I know I should give it a try, but you need SO many of both, and I’m just too lazy to make a whole batch 😅 Plus, I like to switch up the flavours! It’s great that these come in so many flavours! I like the sound of apple spinach with celery the most, and I’d probably give apple cucumber with lemon a try as well!

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