Tips on How to Look Better on Zoom Meetings

Find out how to look better on Zoom.
Me testing out my video on Zoom.

Many of us have been using Zoom videoconferencing in the last year as a result of the pandemic. As a Toronto-based influencer, I have had many Zoom meetings! One of the frequent complaints of Zoom users is that they don’t look good on camera. As a result, Zoom has introduced several upgrades to improve your appearance. You might be interested in reading, “How to Use Zoom: Etiquette, Tips and Best Practices“.

I think many of us had a great laugh recently at the video that went viral of the in-court Zoom session – the lawyer presenting his case accidentally appeared behind a cat filter! Apparently, the lawyer’s assistant’s child had added the filter on Zoom and neither the lawyer nor his assistant tested their video camera on Zoom before joining the meeting! If you didn’t see the video, here it is:

In any case, you will definitely want to preview how you look on Zoom to avoid the embarrassing situation described above. To learn how to add or remove filters and how to look better on Zoom, please read further:

Before doing anything, make sure you’re running the latest version of Zoom in order to take advantage of the newest Zoom updates. Open Zoom, then click your profile photo in the upper-right corner of the main screen and select “Check For Updates”.

Preview How You Look on Zoom

Before you log onto your Zoom meeting, do a preview test first to see how you appear on Zoom:

1. Log into Zoom.

2. Click on your profile picture, then click on Settings.

3. Click on Video. You should see a preview of how you look on Zoom.

Read below to see how to edit your video settings.

Find out how to look better on Zoom.
Me testing out my video on Zoom.

How to Adjust Your Settings When You Are Already on a Zoom Call

If you forgot to preview how you look before joining your Zoom call, you can do so while you are on your Zoom call. On the bottom menu, click the up arrow beside “Start Video/Stop Video”, then select “Video Settings” and then click “Touch Up My Appearance”.

Touch Up My Appearance Option

Check this box if you want to remove wrinkles or blemishes [ahh, if it was only this easy in real life!] Move the circle on the slider bar to the right to see how you like it. Don’t move the slider bar too far to the right or your face will look unnatural.

Adjust for Low Light

If you find the lighting is too dark in your room, you can choose the “Adjust For Low Light” option to brighten your video. Check the box and then move the circle on the slider bar to the right. Don’t move it too far to the right or your face will look too bright.

Choosing Your Camera on Zoom

If you can, choose an HD (high definition) webcam from the drop-down menu for cameras since you will look better on Zoom in HD. Recent webcams are in HD video. If your webcam is HD, ensure that you check the box, “Enable HD” so that you’re using your high definition camera.

Advanced Options

Click on the Advanced button in the lower-right of your screen. Make sure that the following option is checked as this will give you a clearer video:

“Optimize video quality with de-noise”

Zoom Filters to Improve How You Look

Zoom has introduced new filters including Boost, Cream, and Seafoam to improve your appearance on your Zoom call. You’ll find Video Filters by going back to the bottom menu, clicking the up arrow beside “Start Video/Stop Video” and then you should see “Choose Video Filter”.


If there is not much light near your computer, the colour of your face and background may be distorted on video. Try the Boost or Cream filters (found under Video filters) to enhance the colour saturation of your video on Zoom. The Seafoam filter is a light blue hue that provides an improved contrast. Check them out and see if you prefer how you look with these Zoom filters!

Studio Effects Option

If you really want to have some fun, while you are under the Video Filters tab, you can choose the “Studio Effects” Option. This gives you the opportunity to change your eyebrows or lip colour! Give it a try! I actually like the way I looked with the dark red lip colour!


  1. I hadn’t seen this viral video, you had me cracking up. I don’t use zoom that much but these are great tips when I need to use it.

  2. I started using Zoom recently because of work. And I’m not use to facing the camera. Lol. I can relate to those faces. Helpful tips.

  3. There is some really sound and sensible advice here for sure. The zoom filters I have not used before, but may give them a go x

  4. I am so over Zoom. I really have stopped putting any effort in but to be fair my meetings are all for volunteer stuff.

  5. I tried to do a zoom parents meeting. I couldn’t get into it although in my defence apparently, I needed a code. I didn’t know they had filters!!!

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