Bathroom Renovation Trends for 2021

Bathroom design trends for 2021 include Jungle Bathrooms, photo pexels-luis-ruiz-1416244
Bathroom design trends for 2021 include Jungle Bathrooms, photo pexels-luis-ruiz-1416244

Because many of us have been spending so much time indoors due to COVID-19, it’s not surprising that one of the top activities during the last year was renovating our homes. With vacation plans put on hold, many people are redirecting those funds towards improving their living space. That’s why home renovators have been busier than ever in the past 12 months. Perhaps you are thinking of renovating your bathroom this year? Before you do so, you might want to be aware of bathroom design trends for 2021. Doing so will give you some inspiration or even help you refine your ideas. Here are some of the top trends for renovating your bathroom in 2021.

Nude colours

Decorating your bathroom in beige or nude colours is a popular bathroom trend for 2021. A nude colour palette will create a very calm and relaxing area. To create a nude colour theme, renovators have to go beyond simply painting the walls. Choose beige shower and floor tiles, beige countertops, as well as beige accessories and towels. White is still a better choice if your bathroom is particularly small, although you could add beige touches.

Bathroom design trends for 2021 include Jungle Bathrooms, photo pexels-luis-ruiz-1416244
Bathroom design trends for 2021 include Jungle Bathrooms, photo pexels-luis-ruiz-1416244

Jungle bathrooms

If you are planning a complete makeover, why not consider creating a jungle bathroom? You have probably seen dreamy bathrooms that are flooded with luscious plants. Plants are great to situate in bathrooms since they many of them flourish with the steam and humidity from the shower. To incorporate this design, you need many plants that hang from every corner of the bathroom. Look for Bird’s Nest Fern, Aloe, Alocasia, Staghorn Fern, Calathea, Pothos or Air Plants,  One wall can be converted into a lush green wall with natural materials for the freestanding bath and atypically shaped sink. Decor and paint in calming greys, whites, and greens go well with jungle bathroom designs.

Matte white fittings

The use of matte white fittings is a popular bathroom design trend for 2021. The design  works well to create a simple, contemporary bathroom. For this look to work, choose simple-looking tiling as opposed to ornate tiling. A glass-wall or open shower will also complement this look beautifully. If you don’t like white, you can choose black matte fittings.

Open showers

You will be spoiled for choice when searching for the right shower for your bathroom. Open-concept Italian showers are, however, a popular bathroom trend for 2021. This is especially true when it comes to multi-functional showers. Including the bathtub in the shower area is also a very popular trend. Prior to incorporating this idea, you need to think about practical considerations. While a shower-bath may be a good idea, it is not practical for use on a daily basis since soap and water residues end up at the bottom of the shower. Because of this, if you have more space, it’s better to have an open shower and a separate bathtub.

A mix of everything

To create a bathroom that really stands out, you should combine a variety of materials in your décor. For instance, you can install textured woods together with glossy elements. You can also mix various interior design styles such as industrial with Scandinavian or traditional with mid-century. Keep in mind that if you choose this option, your bathroom renovation may look too intense if you use too many textures or colours. There are so many bathroom styles from which you can choose. For more inspiration and expert help, visit

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