30 Instagram Dog Captions That Are Fun and Engaging

Riley just before he ran down a cliff and jumped into Lake Ontario.
My niece holding Riley just before he ran down a cliff and jumped into Lake Ontario.

Posting pics of your dog on Instagram results in lots of engagement because who can resist the cute face of your furbaby? So many Instagrammers love to share photos of their dogs whether they are doing outrageous things or simply being dogs. But it’s easy to run out of good Instagram dog captions!

As a dog lover, I often post photos on Instagram of my sister’s dog, Riley. Riley is a cocker spaniel who loves swimming. Once, when we were up at my stepmother’s cottage in Prince Edward County (read my post on my stay at Sandbanks Beach Resort in Prince Edward County), Riley was whining for my niece, who was holding him for a photo, to put him down. Immediately after being put down on the ground and unknown to us, Riley ran up the stairs to the property, then ran and lept down a very steep and rugged cliff into the rough waters of Lake Ontario in four seconds flat! We heard a splash and turned around to see him swimming robustly about seven feet from shore. We were quite scared because Riley was only 1 1/2 years old at the time. My sister quickly ran down the winding staircase to the beach and frantically called “Riley!” Dogs are smart and Riley eventually turned around and swam to my sister who was standing on the beach.

Riley just before he ran down a cliff and jumped into Lake Ontario. I have many Instagram dog captions I could use for this image.
My niece holding Riley just before he ran down a cliff and jumped into Lake Ontario.

Perhaps your dog is quirky like Riley or is just so adorable that you can’t resist posting photos of him on Instagram.

Instagram Dog Captions That Are Work-Related

My assistant, [dog’s name], is on break.
My assistant, [dog’s name], keeps interrupting me with so many questions.
My assistant, [dog’s name], did not read the manual for new employees.
Trying to work, but [dog’s name] isn’t having any of it.
[Dog’s name] is looking forward to helping me at work today.
Trying to eat my lunch and work with this face staring [and drooling] at me!

Find someone who looks at you the way my dog looks at [piece of cheese/bone/dinner].

Instagram Dog Captions That Are Food-Related

[Dog’s name] is waiting patiently to be served [food].
Wishing you lots of pets, nuzzles and treats today!
[Dog’s name] is looking at me like I’m [Chef Boyardee/Gordon Ramsay].
[Dog’s name] loves to whine and dine!
Fur-tunately, [dog’s name] is enjoying his favourite treat/landed on his feet/gets to sleep in today.
Bon A-pet-treat!
Bone Appetit!
No, you are not getting a doggy bag!

Instagram Dog Captions That Are Sleep-Related

[Dog’s name] thinks he’ll sleep for just four more hours.
[Dog’s name] is dog tired.
[Dog’s name] made a faux-paw by falling off the bed/slipping on the ice/falling off the chair.
[Dog’s name] is waiting for breakfast in bed.

Instagram Dog Captions – General
[Dog’s name] is the most loyal [sports team] fan I know!
[Dog’s name] is fur-ever mine!
Greeting the day paws-itively!
That’s pawsome!
Happy woofday!
Somepawdy was a good boy today.
[Dog’s name] has a lot of pet-tential as a model.
This is paws-ibly the cutest face.
Santa Paws has arrived!
It’s raining outside so be careful not to step in a poodle!
The tail that wagged the dog.
I hope you enjoyed these Instagram dog captions. Let me know which one you used in the comment section!



  1. These are too cute! I just love the ideas you shared here. I would totally use them if I had a dog, but we’ll be getting one in the future so I’ll have to keep these in mind. Thanks for the giggle!

  2. Animals on the internet are a GOLD mine! I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of seeing them, and I don’t think people will ever get sick of posting them. Cute captions definitely help make it even more fun, too! I love a good pun, or they’re written from the dog’s point of view 😂It’s just too much fun!

  3. These are so cool and I would totally use them. All I need to do is get a puppy one day so that I could actually post images of a dog as well.

  4. Your dog is really sweet. And yes it does get a lot of engagement. Plus your content is super helpful!

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