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Win an Escape series class at Second City Toronto, photo credit Second City Toronto
Win an Escape series class at Second City Toronto, photo credit Second City Toronto

Although it is encouraging to hear that the Province of Ontario is slowly reopening the economy in incremental steps in line with public vaccination rates, we will still be limited in what activities we can do for the first part of the summer. Summer is usually a time when I enjoy dining on a patio, visiting Toronto parks, going to our local swimming pool and attending live theatre at Stratford or Niagara-on-the-Lake. I’m going to have to wait a bit longer to enjoy most of these activities. These social restrictions have left me with more leisure time where I have been able to shift my focus towards developing other skills. Many Toronto attractions, such as Second City Toronto, have also had to shift priorities and come up with innovative programs during these difficult times. Second City Toronto is now offering a whole new set of online classes on writing, screenwriting, public speaking and comedy. Read below to learn more. (We’re giving away a free Escape Series Class, US$95, to Second City Toronto…see giveaway details below.)

Win an Escape series class at Second City Toronto, photo credit Second City Toronto
Win an Escape series class at Second City Toronto, photo credit Second City Toronto

The following are only some of the Second City Toronto online classes on offer in summer 2021:

Stand Up 1, CDN$375

Do you fancy yourself the next Dave Chappelle? Develop and deliver your own material in Stand Up 1. You will also learn about the trajectory of successful stand-up comedians and discover your unique style. There will be regular writing assignments and the course will end with students delivering a final performance.

Writing 1, CDN$375

Writing 1 teaches students how to write comedic scenes that could be found in a Second City revue. The course will cover different scene set-ups, character dialogue, genres, and point-of-view. Through improv, students will create characters and dialogue.

Writing for TV & Film, CDN$375

In Writing for TV & Film, you’ll learn about the language to use in film and TV writing, the importance of deadlines, the qualities of a cinematic story versus a sketch, screenplay formatting, how and what to pitch, and the scale of your ideas.

Personal Essay Writing, US$225

In this 4 week workshop, students will learn skills to write and publish honest and compelling personal essays. Each participant will leave the workshop with an essay that is ready to submit or publish.

Public Speaking for an Online World with Ken Hall, CDN$185

If you are now working from home, you have probably been on Zoom calls more than you ever imagined! As you have probably found out, interacting virtually is different that having in-person meetings. This class will help you develop your public speaking skills so that you feel more confident the next time you are on a virtual call. Whether you are presenting to online groups or participating in teleconferencing with colleagues and clients, you’ll learn skills to communicate with better ease online.

Screenwriter’s Lab

Screenwriter’s Lab is a class for people serious about finishing their screenplay. Students will build on the fundamentals presented in previous screenwriting classes. Students will continue working on and editing their existing scripts or begin developing new work. The lab will involve table reads, script assessments, screenplay analysis with the assistance of the instructor and other students. Must complete Screenwriting 1 before enrolling or receive permission from the program head.

Escape Series Classes

Some of the Escape Series classes include the following:

Podcasting Escape (Online), US$95

Podcasting has become increasingly popular; there are over 2,000,000 podcasts and over 48 million episodes currently online. In this course, students will create a concept for their podcast and develop a finished product. Instructions will focus on development, recording tips, editing, and branding your finished podcast. Students will have enough knowledge to edit existing podcasts or create new ones.

Stand Up Escape (Online), US$95

This new online Stand-Up Escape Series is the perfect way to learn the basic skills of Stand-Up. No prior experience is necessary for this fun and supportive class. You’ll meet new people and learn the techniques of writing and performing stand-up comedy in this 4-week series.

Acting for TV & Film Escape for Ages 10-13, US$95

Kids ages 10-13 need no prior experience to take Second City’s new online Acting for TV & Film Escape Series. Kids will get a taste of the basic skills of acting in this fun and relaxed introductory series. They will also meet new people in these four-week, 90-minute sessions.

Writing for TV & Film Escape for Ages 14-18, US$95

Connect, laugh and learn the skills of comedy writing in Second City’s new online TV & Film Writing Escape Series. Participants will learn exercises and techniques for TV and film writing while breaking up the routine of physical isolation at home. Sign up with your friends or meet new friends in this fun four-week class series. No prior experience is necessary.

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