Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2021

AirPop Active+ Smart Mask and Gull Hoodie from five-eau make great Father's Day gift ideas for 2021.
AirPop Active+ Smart Mask and Gull Hoodie from five-eau make great Father's Day gift ideas for 2021.

Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 20, 2021. In Toronto, the Province of Ontario regulations state that we can currently have five people in outdoor gatherings. If we proceed to Step 1 around mid-June, we’ll be able to have 10 people in outdoor gatherings. So Father’s Day could be a lot more enjoyable than Mother’s Day this year! Below are some unique Father’s Day gift ideas for 2021 to spoil your dad with this year:

Basketball Beer Bottle Opener and Value(s) by Mark Carney are unique Father's Day gift ideas for 2021.
Basketball Beer Bottle Opener and Value(s) by Mark Carney are unique Father’s Day gift ideas for 2021.

Basketball Beer Bottle Opener, $37

Okay, so the Toronto Raptors didn’t make it to the playoffs this year, but if your dad is a die-hard basketball fan and a beer fan, he will surely enjoy receiving this wall-mounted beer bottle opener! The bottle opener features a magnetic back to attach to a fridge or metallic surface while the rubber padding on the back of the opener means it won’t damage surfaces. The basket holds up to 50 beer caps so no more stepping on sharp beer caps! Click my custom link to get 20% off the Basketball Beer Bottle Opener.

Value(s) by Mark Carney

Is your dad an avid reader? If so, he might enjoy reading Value(s) by Mark Carney. The former Governor of the Bank of Canada and the Bank of England (and some say, future Liberal Party of Canada candidate) imagines a world based on human values instead of the commercial values that Western society has adopted. Among other issues, Carney examines the factors that led to the global COVID-19 crisis and what should have been done to prevent it.

Down Pillows from Canadian Down and Feather

I bet your dad would love a new pillow for Father’s Day. Pillows do need to be replaced every few years, otherwise, they become flat and offer no support. I’m sure dad would love to rest his head on a super comfortable down pillow from Canadian Down and Feather. Get 10% off Canadian Down pillows, duvets, and mattress toppers by using my promocode SLEEP10-ROIVNG -> Shop Canadian Down & Feather . My promocode works on regular- and sale-priced items. Canadian Down & Feather offers free shipping to Canada and the U.S.

AirPop Active+ Smart Mask and Gull Hoodie from five-eau make great Father's Day gift ideas for 2021.
AirPop Active+ Smart Mask and Gull Hoodie from five-eau make great Father’s Day gift ideas for 2021.

AirPop Active+ Smart Mask

Even though more of the population is getting vaccinated we might still be wearing masks for many months to come. That’s why your dad should appreciate this reusable mask that lets you track the filter life and your breathing activity. Made from microfibre, this smart mask offers 99% filtration against harmful bacteria and particles. This mask is great to wear while working out because the 3D aerodome shape provides space between the mask and your face to ensure that clean air is circulating. The AirPop Active+ Smart Mask comes with four filters, each of which can be worn for up to 40 hours. The app will tell you when you need to change the filter. As far as maintenance goes, you just need to wash the outer shell when you feel it needs it. Purchase the AirPop Active+ Smart Mask at Best Buy Canada, $89.99, which includes four filters. Additional filter packs can be purchased for $29.99.

Gulls Hoodie from five-eau

Get your dad a hoodie he can wear at the cottage this summer. The Gulls Hoodie, $50, from five-eau features a lake-inspired graphic design of a lighthouse surrounded by gulls. The hoodie comes in four colours: Huron Heather, Navy, Erie Indigo and Dark Heather, and in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL. Purchase online from five-eau.

I hope you enjoyed these Father’s Day gift ideas for 2021. Find out more about Father’s Day gifts at Mybaskets.ca. Let me know in the comment section what you’ll be getting for your dad!

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  1. My dad would have liked the smart mask. I like it as well. I will have to should it to my husband — maybe the kids will pitch in to buy it for their dad. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I wish my fiance was normal and would want gifts like this. Instead, his response for any kind of gift is to get me a Funko pop. Hahaha, but I wouldn’t mind that sweater. Looks comfy.

  3. I bought the Smart Mask for my dad last February and he liked it a lot! I might get him another one as he’s too fond of his. He also hinted about wanting another! Thank you for the recommendations!

  4. If my dad were alive, I think he would love the bottle opener. I might get one for my boyfriend… this is such a good idea.

  5. Lovely list of 2021 father’s day gift as running out of idea on what to give with my husband. Last yr I gifted him personalised pillow, would love to try the bottle opener for this year

  6. I guess Dads will be blessed this year since the restrictions will be more relaxed by June 20th in many places. These gifts a brilliant for Father’s Day.

  7. $89 for a mask…nice one, capitalism! But dad will certainly geek out over these interesting gifts. Hope Ontario manages this new wave incoming, as we’re reading. You lot must be exhausted. Chin up!

    • Thanks…we are just in the process of opening up the economy in Ontario and our case numbers are very low so fingers crossed that we don’t experience another wave! Cheers, Lori

  8. Forget my Dad, I want to read that book by Mark Carney! Ok, I would lend it to him afterwards, and make sure I get him a good gift (this year it’s travel sized toiletries for his vanlife adventures!).

    • Yes, the Mark Carney book would make a great gift! I’m currently reading it and it’s really good! Travel-sized toiletries for someone who travels a lot are a great idea! Cheers, Lori

  9. These are great ideas! The basketball beer bottle opener is just perfect. My husband is going to love this! Thank you for sharing.

  10. These are wonderful Father’s Day gift ideas. My Dad, who passed away three years ago, would have loved the Canadian down feather pillow.

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