Creative Places in Toronto to Inspire Your Interior Design

Galleria Italia at Art Gallery of Ontario features laminated timber and glass.
Galleria Italia at Art Gallery of Ontario features laminated timber and glass.

Toronto is abundant with exciting and creative designs, from its restaurants to its commercial buildings to its luxury condos. Instead of just enjoying the ambiance at the city’s hotspots, why not get ideas for new design trends from these creative places in Toronto to spruce up your home?

With a population of roughly 2.9 million residents, Toronto has museums, art installations, luxury areas, restaurants, cultural centers and more to inspire your home design. With the help of innovative, resourceful and creative interior designers in Toronto, the city’s residents are able to bring the city’s innovation and cultural aesthetics into their home.

From the urban streets to the 100-year-old buildings, inspiration for your home’s new design is just around the corner in Toronto. Consider the many different spaces in Toronto you can take inspiration from, and with the help of a professional interior designer, begin integrating these influences into your space.

Galleria Italia at Art Gallery of Ontario features laminated timber and glass.
Galleria Italia at Art Gallery of Ontario features laminated timber and glass.

Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)

Located in downtown Toronto, the AGO’s curved lines, skylight, and wood interior is the perfect example of modern sophistication. The Galleria Italia is made out of 200 metres of glued laminated timber and glass to create a contemporary gallery space. For anyone looking to create a gallery wall in your home, take a look at the AGO’s photography collection, which artistically displays photos with different shapes and frame sizes. Renovated in 2008 and home to more than 90,000 works of art, the AGO offers various options to inspire you when creating your home decor.

Regulars Bar

Regulars Bar is known for its design inspired by 1920s casinos in Hollywood’s Golden Age. This resto-bar’s use of golden arches at the bar and bright colours mixed with various lighting fixtures will have you in awe. Its timeless and authentic aesthetic will inspire anyone looking to bring a 20s vibe into their own home.

Aga Khan Museum

The Aga Khan Museum first opened its doors to intrigued minds back in 2014 to showcase and encourage the appreciation of Islamic art. For designers who want to channel a bit of history in their minds, hearts and spaces, this museum located in North York is a destination for inspiration and cultural education.

Graffiti Alley

One of the most creative places in Toronto is Graffiti Alley, also known as Rush Lane and made famous by Rick Mercer on his TV show, The Rick Mercer Report. Located in the Fashion District, Graffiti Alley is home to many inspiring and uplifting images. The laneway features graffiti with pops of colour and imagery that encourage interior designers’ imagination to experiment with different tones and shapes.

Bar Raval

The food isn’t the only reason people flock to this Little Italy restaurant. Bar Raval’s wood interior inspires both architects and designers alike with its warm ambience, cozy setting and uniquely shaped layout.

Distillery District

The Distillery District, a collection of Victorian-era industrial buildings, is home to more than 40 unique shops, restaurants, art galleries, and studios for creative minds. This National Historic Site draws crowds, especially during its Toronto Christmas Market, thanks to its cobblestone streets that are restricted to pedestrians, unique sculptures, and late 19th century buildings that were part of the Gooderham and Worts Distillery.

Kensington Market

A stroll through Kensington Market thrift shops, bakeries and art installations will provide a panoply of inspiration for your home design. The bohemian village is a serendiptous discovery for designers of all kinds – get home design inspiration from the hip interiors of the funky shops and ethnic restaurants. Whether you’re looking to add interesting colour combinations or an eclectic look to your home, the market located at the northwest corner of Dundas Street West and Spadina Avenue is a great place to visit.

Fairmont Royal York

This timeless hotel located on Front Street offers glam, elegance and history all wrapped in one. First opened in 1929, Fairmont Royal York’s lobby is decked out in a warm-tone colour palette while the use of custom murals will inspire your upcoming home renovation projects.

Soso Food Club

Located at Dundas and Ossington, this retro, pastel- and neon-coloured restaurant will intrigue anyone with a flair for colour. Soso Food Club’s funky designs and quirky colour palette inspires anyone looking to create a young, insta-friendly home.

These are just a few of the creative places in Toronto that will provide inspiration for your next interior design project.