7 Car Care Tips To Ensure Your Vehicle Runs Smoothly

Read these car maintenance tips to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly, photo pexels-mike-100656
Read these car maintenance tips to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly, photo pexels-mike-100656

Over the last 16 months of the pandemic, I am one of many people who have not driven their car much. There has been no need to since I work from home and all of my blogger events have been canceled. Plus, we have been advised not to see family or friends. Of course, I have saved a lot of money on gas (I wish I could say the same about my auto insurance rate, which actually went up a bit this year!!). Now that Ontario is in Step 3 and more businesses and attractions are open, you will probably be driving your car more often. Here is a reminder of the maintenance that you’ll need to have done on your car to ensure it’s running smoothly:

Read these car maintenance tips to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly, photo pexels-mike-100656
Read these car maintenance tips to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly, photo pexels-mike-100656

Check Fluids

Whether it’s the oil fluid, power steering fluid, or transmission fluid, all of these fluids play essential roles in the efficient running of your car. The first sign of any significant engine trouble will show up in the engine oil, so every month, the oil needs to be checked. For this, test your car oil levels with the help of a dipstick.

Ensure that your car’s oil level is between the high and low points located on the dipstick. The power steering fluid must also be changed if it is dirty. If your car is not running as smoothly as it once was, then your transmission fluid needs to be changed too.


Every month check your brakes to make sure that you don’t hear any unusual sounds like scrubbing, or grinding when you hit the brakes.

If your brake fluid level is low or your car’s brake pads are worn out, get them replaced. Look for cheap automotive parts source online. Skipping this step may cost you more in repairs in the future.


Tires are the interface between your car and the road surface so they need to be taken care of regularly. Check your car tire pressure monthly to ensure that your tires are performing at optimal capacity. Make sure that there are no holes or leaks that may be slowly letting out air and working up to a blowout.

Exhaust Pipe

If you own a diesel vehicle, do monthly exhaust checks. However, the same can be done on vehicles that run on gas too. Start your car and observe if there is any white or black smoke emitting from the exhaust. If so, you need to get your vehicle checked by a mechanic.


Coolant plays a significant role in keeping the engine cool. A monthly checkup of the coolant level is necessary to avoid harmful leakage. To do this, open the top of the reservoir bottle when the engine is cold and observe whether the coolant is between the bottle’s minimum and maximum levels. If the level is low, add distilled water or a pre-mixed coolant.

Belts, windshield wipers, and air filter

Check your windshield wipers to ensure that they are making good contact with the windshield and are not dry or cracked. Similarly, check your car belts for cracks and proper tension. Lastly, check your air filter and replace it if it’s dirty.

Keep your car covered

Although it may not seem that important, covering your car is one of the most inexpensive car maintenance tips. Covering your vehicle will ensure that its paint doesn’t fade from the sun’s harmful radiation. The cover will also protect the car from birds and trees.

You can also use a protectant on the vehicle’s plastic and rubber parts. If you want your car to look like the day you bought it, make sure you keep it covered when not in use. Alternatively, you can park your car inside a garage.


Maintaining your car can be a delicate operation. You have to be particular about essential care elements such as tire pressure, oil changes, and proper suspension. Without adequate car care, those long-distance road trips or even a quick drive to the grocery store won’t be possible.

Following the above-noted car maintenance tips will ensure that you can rely on your vehicle when you need it.

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