Apples and Oranges: Tips for Choosing Toronto Caterers for Your Next Event

Read these tips on how to choose the best caterer, photo Rene Asmussen via Pexels
Read these tips on how to choose the best caterer, photo Rene Asmussen via Pexels

Like any world metropolis, Toronto is a city of options. Head to Kensington Market, and you have six taco shops from which to choose. Find yourself in Yorkville, and there are probably a dozen or more women’s clothing stores where you can buy a cocktail dress. The options are what make Toronto buzz. They keep it brimming with culture, choice, and intrigue. However, when the stakes are high, all that choice can also be immensely frustrating.

And the stakes are high when you plan an event and are determining how to choose the best caterer. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or Christmas bash, you want to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. So, when faced with numerous options for caterers in Toronto, you might be justifiably stressed out.

Ideally, you want an experienced, admired and dependable caterer versed in a variety of cooking styles. In other words, you should compare caterers based on “the 4 R’s”: record, range, reliability, and reviews.

Here’s how to find the best catering company in Toronto for your needs.

Read these tips on how to choose the best caterer, photo Rene Asmussen via Pexels
Read these tips on how to choose the best caterer, photo Rene Asmussen via Pexels

Track Record

Where food meets service – as it does in catering – track record is vital. You rely on your caterer not only to cook a fantastic spread, but to deliver that spread with poise, professionalism, and technical fluency. Those are characteristics you get only with experience.

As you search for a caterer, look for a proven track record. How long have the owners and executive chefs been in the business? What level of clientele have they served? Set your options side-by-side to determine who has more experience.

Range of Dietary Options

Guests are choosy. Some might prefer an Asian salmon, while others make a beeline for the Italian meatballs. Some can’t have dairy, some can’t have gluten while others are vegan. Part of your role as a generous host is accommodating that array of preferences and dietary restrictions.

Therefore, part of a caterer’s responsibility is ensuring they can accommodate everyone’s dietary needs. When you compare caterers, pay specific attention to their sample menus. Do the menus feature diverse flavours from several culinary traditions? Does the catering company’s website make mention of dietary accommodations?


“Event Logistics” is a substantial branch of event planning: planners take entire courses devoted solely to the topic. Essentially, event logistics is the process of having people, resources and places firmly coordinated for the big day. If one thing’s amiss, the whole house of cards can fall.

That’s why reliability is so important when comparing catering companies. You want to make sure that your caterer will be there on time, food prepared, with a mobilized staff ready to serve. As you weigh options, look for catering companies that offer “direct-to-venue” catering.


Lastly, when you are determining how to choose the best caterer, you should compare reviews. Look at reviews holistically: check Google and Yelp for user reviews, consult the companies’ websites for testimonials and corporate partnerships, and solicit advice from friends and family. The more votes of confidence you find for a caterer, the safer you can feel putting your special event in their hands.

Following the criteria outlined in the 4 R’s, you should easily be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. Toronto has several catering companies, but the best ones are experienced, cater to diverse tastes, are reliable, and well-reviewed.

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