What I’m Crushing On – October 2021

Helena Lane Organic Skincare
Helena Lane Organic Skincare

October is just flying by! I can’t believe it’s almost mid-month! I was lucky to celebrate Thanksgiving weekend with several members of my family who are all double-vaccinated! Although the weather was warm, we did have some rain. Oh well, we can’t complain about the above-normal temperatures we have been enjoying in October!

This is the month where I start thinking about Christmas. In fact, I have already bought two Christmas presents and I am hoping to order a few more in the next week. This is a good time to order gifts because you avoid the rush of deliveries during the holidays. Also, you have probably noticed that items are selling out fast online so if there is something you want to get, you should consider buying it early before it’s sold out!

Anyway, here is what I’m crushing on in October 2021:


I know I am late to the Ozark party, but I received a recommendation from my cousin to watch this only this year. After watching (and really enjoying!) Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, I swore that I would not watch another series that involved drug dealing lol. I mean it’s not the most uplifting theme, is it? Well, I tried watching a few other series and they were lacklustre to me so I watched the first two or three episodes of Ozark and I was hooked! I loved Laura Linney in The Big C and other movies and I have always liked Jason Bateman so the two acting leads were a big draw for me. In a nutshell, Marty Byrde (Bateman) works as a Chicago financial advisor, who, with his business partner, launders money for a Mexican drug cartel. Things go sideways quickly and Byrde is forced to expand his money-laundering initiatives for the cartel. He decides to relocate his family to the Lake of the Ozarks where he believes there will be more opportunities to invest in businesses. Linney as Laura Byrde fleshes out a complex character with a strong maternal inclination, who also possesses a sharp business streak (she is a political strategist).

Fight Night by Miriam Toews

This book has been touted on many must-read books for fall 2021. Published by Penguin Random House Canada, the story focuses on nine-year-old Swiv, who is living in Toronto with her pregnant mother and off-the-wall grandmother, Elvira. When Swiv is expelled from school, her grandmother insists on homeschooling her with her unique methods. There are scenes involving Swiv and her grandmother that had me laughing out loud, and the story is told with a deep understanding of and compassion for the sometimes unfavourable aspects of family dynamics. Elvira and mom share an uncanny ability to laugh at what many people would consider life’s embarrassing moments! Although Swiv is supposed to be mature for her age due to her circumstances, I found her witty dialogue and thought processes stretching the bounds of credulity for someone who is not yet a pre-teen, never mind a teenager. Nevertheless, this was a fun and heartfelt read that I highly recommend!

Helena Lane Organic Skincare
Helena Lane Organic Skincare

Helena Lane Jojoba & Calendula Calming Cleanser

I received a sample of Helena Lane Jojoba & Calendula Calming Cleanser, $36. I had used Helena Lane Rose & Frankincense Hyaluronic Serum before and loved it. Unlike many skincare specialists, Helena believes in using as few skincare products as possible to create simpler, more manageable skincare routines. She also believes in using as few ingredients as possible in her skincare formulations, which are certified organic. Helena Lane Jojoba & Calendula Calming Cleanser is made from 100% organic Jojoba oil with essence of Calendula flowers. Helena explains that foaming cleansers or cleansers that contain alcohol strip the skin of its natural oils, which are our skin’s natural protective barrier – this leaves your skin open to irritations! That’s why I’m including Helena Lane Jojoba & Calendula Calming Cleanser in what I’m crushing on. It’s a cleanser I will be using from now on. Even if your skin tends towards greasy, using an oil-based cleanser will actually balance the oil in your skin as opposed to making it more greasy as it rebalances the oil production in your skin. You can purchase Helena Lane Organic Skincare products online.

My Cole Haan Chelsea Boots are so comfortable. I was able to get them on sale at Hudson's Bay.
My Cole Haan Chelsea Boots are so comfortable. I was able to get them on sale at Hudson’s Bay.

Cole Haan Chelsea Boots

What I’m crushing on in my clothes closet are my new Cole Haan Chelsea Boots that I bought on sale at Hudson’s Bay for $170, regular $290. I knew I wanted a pair of casual black booties for the fall so I started looking at The Bay in August before the fall season began. At first, I ordered a pair of Coach Chelsea Boots, but when I received them, I found they looked too clunky and heavy – more like men’s boots. So I returned them and ordered the Cole Haan Chelsea Boots which have a more tapered toe. They are not only stylish, but super comfortable and the heel is only 1 1/2″. I love wearing them with my black skinny jeans. Can they be worn with a dress or skirt?

I hope you enjoyed reading what I’m crushing on in October 2021. What are some of your favourite movies, TV series, books, fashion or skincare finds?

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  1. I am loving those boots. They look super feminine and perfect for Autumn to keep my feet snug and dry.

  2. I love your Cole Haan Chelsea Boots, they look so smart and comfortable. Sadly, I don’t think this brand is available in India.

    • Thank you. I am pleased with the Cole Haan Chelsea boots because they are more feminine-looking. I would imagine you could find comparable Chelsea boots in India, right? Cheers, Lori

  3. I am the hugest fan of a good Chelsea Boot! I’ve had a few pairs over the years and I’ve worn them to death, they literally go with everything and are so comfy. I’ve even expanded my collection to include some gold ‘party’ boots!

  4. I’m so happy to hear that Helena Lane believes that less is more. I’ve always told my daughter that I prefer to have natural products with fewer ingredients.

  5. I have ordered a few more gifts yesterday online with gift cards, so exciting this year as we will be spending our first Christmas with grand-daughter born a few weeks ago.

  6. October flew by for me too! I haven’t watched Ozark yet but it sounds like a thriller – great for this time of year.

  7. I Love the boots too! My daughter (who just turned 18) has my last 2 pairs of black boots in her room.

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