Canadian Down & Feather Down Pillows & Duvets: Giveaway

Me with Down Perfect Pillows from Canadian Down & Feather.
Me with Down Perfect Pillows from Canadian Down & Feather.

Winter seems to be coming early in Toronto! After unusually balmy temperatures in the first half of October, we now seem to be paying for it with cooler than average temperatures. This cold weather may have you thinking about soups, sweaters and…your bedding! Is it warm enough for the winter? Have your duvets or pillows become flat? Down duvets whose filling has become flat or uneven aren’t able to trap the air needed to keep you warm. It might be time to consider purchasing a new down duvet, pillow or mattress topper and here’s why you should consider bedding from Canadian Down & Feather.

I have been a brand ambassador for Canadian Down & Feather for the past four years. I have their duvet, mattress topper and Down Perfect Pillows and I am pleased with all of them. The quality is superior! I know I will get a good night’s sleep using my Down Perfect Pillows, which are so comfortable, and my duvet provides the necessary warmth throughout the winter.

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Use my promocode TORONTONICITY to get 10% of your order. Copy promocode TORONTONICITY and add at checkout here -> Shop Canadian Down & Feather . My promocode works on regular- and sale-priced items. Shipping is free to Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

Canadian Down & Feather products are manufactured right here in Toronto! They offer bedding products in a range of prices from a basic White Goose Feather Duvet to the luxurious Hutterite down pillows and duvets. Hutterite down is made by the Hutterite community in Alberta. Similar to the Amish and Mennonite communities, the Hutterite community raises most of their own food sources. The fill of Hutterite down is high loft, which means it is high quality and very warm per ounce.

Me with Down Perfect Pillows from Canadian Down & Feather
Me with Down Perfect Pillows from Canadian Down & Feather

Their Medium Down Perfect Pillow is their top pillow seller and is great for front, back and side sleepers. This pillow is so comfortable that the company supplies this pillow to Toronto and North American hotels. The Down Perfect Pillow has a supportive feather core and soft down in the outer chambers.

If you are allergic to down, Canadian Down & Feather manufactures down alternative pillows, duvets and mattress toppers.


In partnership with Canadian Down & Feather, I am giving away 3 White Goose Down Duvets, King size, Winter Weight to three lucky winners. Each duvet has a retail value of CDN$700. Giveaway is open to Canada (excluding Quebec) and the U.S.

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  1. I heard that the Farmers Almanac is predicting a very cold winter season this year. Down bedding would be cozy and uber warm for a relaxing comfort sleep.

  2. Winter is nice to enjoy different activities. I like it if the snow stays and we don’t spend too much time digging out.

  3. I’m excited for winter – but my free range chickens aren’t, lol! They consider snow “white lava”… 😛

  4. I am excited for the cooler weather. I enjoy the change of the seasons. Fall is especially beautiful. Thank you.

  5. I love watching snow from my couch. I am retired and enjoying it. I had 18 months of summer once and would never do that again.

  6. The quality of Canadian Down and Feather company is superb. We’ve had some of their products for many years.

  7. I think I am slowly coming to accept it although excited may not be the correct word, but I will get there as it gets colder.

  8. I love the snow and the cooler weather, but 1 thing I don;t like if it gets icy out, the snow is very pretty

  9. Hey Lori, Great Contest for the duvet and pillows, and you are looking great. Vanna White, move over!
    Tried to comment on your resetting for travel page (loved the tip about parking in nearby hotels and boarding a shuttle.
    Lets see if commercial real estate does start to take off in a better, more innovative direction. COVID really changed how business is done these days.
    Great articles as always, Lori!

  10. Not feeling excitement that winter is coming but the outdoors are still green and the flowers are still able to open up on a lovely day so I’m hanging in there as the cold creeps in.

  11. love to have a change of weather from the hot humid summers but it can get a bit too cool inside the house so this down duvet would help !

  12. I am excited in so far as that I love the cooler weather and watching the snow fall though I’m not a fan of icy roads and sidewalks.

  13. I’m leaving a horrid job and starting to work from home as of this Friday. So I’m looking forward to the first snowfall of the year. I’ll be cocooning at home.

  14. I’m finding the transition a little rough although I am fine once I get through that. I do love winter, the beauty, the outdoor activities, the fires in the woodstove and delicious homemade soups that simmer all day as I work. I think I’d find winter far more enjoyable if there was a White Goose Down Duvet on my bed.

  15. I’m not really excited for the winter weather, but I do love the holidays and the fact that my boyfriend is moving in in January!

  16. yah…NO THANKS! i do not want to win one…I LOVE ANIMALS AND I DO NOT WITH THEM TO SUFFER!! While most down and other feathers are removed from ducks and geese during slaughter, birds in breeding flocks and those raised for meat may be plucked repeatedly while they are still alive. Plucking causes geese and ducks considerable pain and distress! i think this is disgusting and cruel, and inhumane AND lacks COMPASSION AND EMPATHY!! SHAME!

  17. My wife and I enjoy the winter. She is usually cold during the winter at night and would benefit from a warmer duvet on our king-sized bed.

  18. I don’t like the increased rain & wind & snow that winter brings. It makes daily walks with my dog more of a chore than a pleasure.

  19. No I’m not really a winter person because the cold makes my body hurt too much. I don’t mind it if I’m able to remain inside wrapped in a warm duvet though.

  20. What a fantastic prize! My great-Grandmother had huge down quilts on her beds. (Maybe they just seemed extra big to 5 year old me?) I remember feeling like I was floating in a big sea of warm puffiness when we stayed at her house. Nothing like down bedding for a great sleep….unless you top it off with clean sheets fresh from the clothesline. Feeling….very….sleepy….

  21. I’m excited for winter to be over and done with already. Hate the cold. A warm down quilt would be most appreciated.

  22. Down bedding would be the perfect solution to what is going to be a cold winter. Don’t mind winter so much with down and layers:)

  23. I’m not a huge fan of the Winter but I do like the snow and cold in small increments, plus the wintertime means we are getting even closer to Christmas!

  24. No. I’m not excited about Winter arriving. I dread this every year, even though I’m pretty active during the winter months. I just hate all the freezing cold, the ice and all the extra layers added on to keep warm. Also, it takes getting my boys 10 times longer to get out the door every morning. Argh…..

  25. I’m okay with winter arriving. it was a very hot summer this year. i just don’t like the below zero temps and worrying about falling and busting my butt on ice. just what you have to deal with in Northern Minnesota lol

  26. The only thing I look forward to about winter is seeing the first snow fall when the Christmas lights are all light up. That’s beautiful.

  27. Yes, I am excited about seeing the snow again and of course, the Christmas season. Everything looks so pretty with the trees covered in snow.

  28. I’m not really excited about winter but my kids are which makes me look forward to it a little. I love seeing their joy at snow, skating etc.

  29. We always look forward to the first snow it’s always so pretty and makes for a perfect day to bake and snuggle under the covers and watch Xmas movies!

  30. I am not excited for winter to arrive, I would be happy to have Fall continue, with its cooler temperatures and beautiful colors

  31. No I don’t like the winter. Particularly because people don’t shovel the snow or put salt down on sidewalks and it makes it hard for me to walk.

  32. i love all seasons. winter is fun for making snowman and snow angels with my grand children. sledding, skying, skating. all the good stuff. even ice fishing.

  33. I’m always happy for the next season to arrive because each one offers something distinct. I’m not a fan of cold weather, but I do like sweaters, hot chocolate and fires~!

  34. Not so much excited about winter, tho staying close to our fireplace helps (as would a duvet ;). thanks for the chance.

  35. I am not excited for winter. We had a wonderful summer and and glorious autumn. I would love to see autumn extended for another month!

  36. Not excited about winter in the least. I slid on ice last winter and broke 2 bones and tore 3 ligaments. No thanks

  37. No, I’m not particularly excited about winter because I struggle with the cold. Canadian Down & Feather products would really help with making the winter months cozier!

  38. I never look forward to winter. But I can’t stop it so I enjoy watching the fire in the fireplace. Making hot cocoa for the grandkids. Also looking at the snow falling from inside my warm house!

  39. I’m super excited for winter weather! I’m not looking forward to how bad the roads might be, though, because Dallas drivers don’t know what to do, lol.

  40. Hi Lori,

    Great article and thanks for the contest! I love winter because its the only time I can be bundled up at night, do snow treks in the day with a hot beverage around town (latte), and get the opportunity to wear all my gear!

  41. yes and no. I love tobogganing and ice skating, but at my age it’s hard to find someone to go with. I hate driving in it. I work partly outdoors and I hate it then. You do get a better sleep. It’s pretty when snow first falls

  42. I am not excited about winter. I don’t like driving on winter roads and I prefer the long days of summer.

  43. I love winter. I don’t have to do any gardening, lawn mowing, leaf raking, nothing! And I love to shovel snow, too.

  44. I am SO excited for Winter arriving. Hoping for lots of snow this year! The predictions say it might happen and I’m so excited!

  45. Once I get used to the cold, I enjoy winter. The air is fresh and crisp, and when the snow falls, the white snowy landscape is beautiful.

  46. Christmas is my favorite!! So I am very excited for the winter season. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  47. I love winter, and all the excitement of the holiday season so I am really looking forward to winter. I don’t even mind the January gloom

  48. I find the transition a little difficult, but once it’s here, I love it. I love being active outdoors then coming in to warm up by the fire.

  49. I love the beauty of new fallen snow, but overall I’m not enthusiastically looking forward to it. I have recently switched out my car from a 4 wheel drive to one that I suspect isn’t as good in snow, so there’s that.

  50. I am not excited about winter arriving. The only thing exciting about winter is that Xmas arrives during winter.

  51. Yes! I prefer colder weather to warm weather. Hot chocolates, ice skating and winter wonderland walks are my favourite!

  52. I am ALWAYS excited for winter.

    Cozy weather, more family time, I love how crisp the air is, the frost on windows, all the comfort foods….It’s a delightful break that should be celebrated and embraced with hot chocolate, sweaters, and fur-lined boots.

  53. Yes! I am that weirdo who sleeps under five blankets with the window open in the middle of winter. I love, love, love cold winter nights!

  54. I am looking forward to the holidays and, after the heat of this past summer, looking forward to that cooler weather. Thank you!

  55. It is already November and we have seen no snow. Second winter we are not heading south but we are doing our Christmas shopping and baking early this year.

  56. yes and no. yes because i love the cold, no because i get trapped in my apartment unless i carry a walker up a flight of stairs… and no way can my electric wheelchair go up stairs, nor out the back yard when the snow gets too high..

  57. The only good thing about winter is when it ends and spring starts. It is my least favorite season of them all.

  58. I love summer but I also enjoy the changing of seasons so I guess I’m looking forward to winter a little bit.

  59. I live in Winnipeg and have a dog, a Husky Shepard mix and she wants out for her twice daily walks for at least an hour each time. With shoveling, I spend way too much time outside, call me in May!

  60. I am not looking forward to winter I get cold easily and put on layers of clothes then it’s too warm inside

  61. Living in Newfoundland, the winters can be harsh. I like to walk outside everyday so prefer spring and fall.

  62. Definitely NOT excited for winter, but having a new duvet and feathers to cozy up in bed with would make it so much better!

  63. I don’t love winter. There are a few nice things about it, but I’d be happy if winter was only a month long and autumn was longer.

  64. At first , I am not but once it has arrived… I start to enjoy the cooler/fresher bush trail walks and hopefully snow shoeing this year. I do love to get cozy and read in the winter also. Tea and books. Yay.

  65. Not really. It’s not my favorite season, but I still try to get out and go for nature walks and do other activities I love.

  66. No I am not excited for Winter I dread Winter time but Dec 1 – 10 I am going away to Florida so I am excited about that.

  67. I’m not extremely excited about winter coming, hopefully it’s a mild winter like last year.

  68. I’m not crazy about winter. I don’t like the cold or bad road conditions. I do enjoy cuddling up under a warm blanket with a good book, a cup of tea and a soft fire.

  69. I enjoy a few breaks with some snow, but the dry powdery kind. I’m too old & injured to deal with our usual wet snow. But the brightness of snow helps break the usual grey, wet rain from November (usual, but started way earlier this year) through March.

  70. I’m not super excited about winter, but I am happy that the summer wildfire threat here is over for another year.

  71. I really HATE the cold so the winter doesn’t excite me, however, the holidays and the chance to wear warm boots and dig out my heating blanket are all things I love!

  72. Yes! I live in the Southern United States and it gets hot here! I just hope we get enough of a winter to kill off some bugs!

  73. I am definitely not excited for winter weather! I hate snow and I live in the Midwest so there is a lot of it. I can’t wait to move to Florida where I won’t have to worry about it ever again.

  74. I am! I live in a state where it’s very mild and rarely snows, so I welcome the cool weather and the favorite holidays that come with it.

  75. I love being able to cuddle up with my hubby and watch Christmas movies while drinking hot cocoa. Snow days are even better but don’t happen to often in West Tennessee.

  76. Winter is so bittersweet. It is a beautiful season while we are covered in snow but I prefer to only have to appreciate it from a warm house.

  77. I’d choose winter over summer any day. We just moved into a house that has a fireplace. Looking forward to the cool nights to light up a fire 🙂

  78. I have mixed feelings about the winter season. I enjoy the change of the seasons and love winter fashion but I miss the beauty of the trees and flowers.

  79. No not a fan of winter, I could live with warm weather all year except for a month around Christmas time. A white Christmas and the beginning of the snow is lovely and I would miss it if I lived in a year-round hot climate.

  80. I am in Florida so the weather never changes, but I am excited about the special dinners and seeing family!

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