Fall Colour at Toronto Parks in October 2021

Strolling and admiring the fall colour at Monarch Park in Toronto.
Strolling and admiring the leaves at Monarch Park in Toronto.

Fall is such a precarious season. Although the calendar reads that fall is three months long, in reality, fall weather lasts about four, maybe five weeks. And it never arrives in one long stretch. You get a few fall days in September inserted between often humid summer days and then October is usually the heart of autumn. Not this year though! October was exceptionally mild in Toronto! We saw temperatures ranging from 19°C to 28°C in the first two weeks of October! It was the warmest Thanksgiving I have experienced in a long time!

During the third week of October, we finally saw seasonal temperatures of between 11°C and 17°C. This delayed cooler weather has had an effect on the fall colour at Toronto parks. It is a week or two behind what it normally is, yet despite this, many of the leaves have fallen to the ground due to the sudden cold snap. For a fall colour enthusiast like me, this means I have to get to my local parks quickly to take a few photos since the window of opportunity is closing quickly.

Rosetta McClain Gardens

Living in Leslieville means I am close to several beautiful parks. You may know from previous blog posts that one of my favourite parks to visit is Rosetta McClain Gardens. I visited this Toronto east end park during the third week of October when not many of the leaves had changed colour.

Rosetta McClain Gardens in October 2021
Rosetta McClain Gardens in October 2021

As you can see, the leaves on the maple tree in the photo were just starting to turn orange. It’s still a gorgeous park to visit since it features towering evergreens and a sweeping view of Lake Ontario. In fact, I love walking among the century-old pine trees and I decided to indulge in some forest bathing. It’s good for the soul!

Forest Bathing at Rosetta McClain Gardens
Forest Bathing at Rosetta McClain Gardens

Monarch Park

This week, I checked out the fall colour at a park closer to me: Monarch Park. It was a warm day for this time of year – 16°C! As you can see from the photos, 50-60% of the leaves were yellow or orange as a result of the cooler temperatures we had this week. There was also a fair amount of leaves on the ground, which always reminds me of Charlie Brown or Snoopy jumping into a pile of leaves!

If you are looking for fall colour at Toronto parks, check out Monarch Park.
Many of the leaves have turned colour at Monarch Park in Toronto.

I love strolling through this park as it’s quite large for a downtown east park – five hectares! There are also many old trees, which I tried to capture for you.

Strolling and admiring the fall colour at Monarch Park in Toronto.
Strolling and admiring the leaves at Monarch Park in Toronto.

I hope you have also had a chance to see fall colour at Toronto parks this fall. What is your favourite park or trail to see fall colour?


  1. Fall is the most beautiful season. I look forward to seeing all the colourful leaves every year.

  2. every year i keep telling myself i neeed to head north to take pics of the fall colours and something always comes up

  3. The leaf colours are so pretty in fall. I love going to walk in the parks. Great jumper it’s the perfect colour for this season.

    • I agree! The leaves are gorgeous in fall! Thanks re the jumper/sweater! I have had it for several years but it’s perfect for this time of year as it’s so warm! Cheers, Lori

  4. Nice. Parks are a sure place to chill and these all look beautiful. The trees and leaves tell you fall is here.

  5. Many years ago I visited Toronto and even travelled up to Niagara Falls as well as Niagara by the Lake. We even did the helicopter ride and we saw a wide variety of colours from all those trees. It was beautiful.

  6. so beautiful! I love all the colours even though I personally dislike the cold. The parks are wonderful, a great break from urban all day long, lungs and heart of any city

  7. I’ve seen some great patterns and colors this month while traveling through Europe and some color pallets were just mesmerizing! I would love to see a fall in Toronto though 🙂

  8. I love walking in any park with a mix of deciduous trees during the fall season! Better still if there is a slight breeze causing the colourful leaves to twirl and spin down around me.

  9. Monarch Park is beautiful. I ran along the boardwalk at Woodbine Beach today and it was amazing. The colourful trees and the sun shining!

  10. Very beautiful. I love all the trees and fall colors of the leaves. I adore Fall it is my favorite time of year. It’s beautiful. I plan to get married in the fall season.

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