Second City Toronto Reopens with The Fast & The Furiously Festive

Second City Toronto performs on the Comedy Bar stage.
Second City Toronto performs on the Comedy Bar stage.

The Second City Toronto is back after a one-year absence and Torontonicity was thrilled to be invited to catch their new holiday show, The Fast & the Furiously Festive! on December 11, 2021. The Second City Toronto was previously on Blue Jays Way until the facility was closed. The completion of their new digs at One York Street has been delayed due to the pandemic. As a result, the Second City Toronto has found a temporary home at Comedy Bar at 2800 Danforth Avenue. The Second City Mainstage ensemble in Welcome Back to the Future and The Fast and the Furiously Festive! featuring The Second City Touring Company. Performances began on December 3, 2021.

Second City Toronto performs on the Comedy Bar stage.
Second City Toronto performs on the Comedy Bar stage.

The Comedy Bar on Danforth is a gorgeous facility. When you enter, there is a restaurant at the front for pre- or post-show drinks and a meal. Follow a hallway that leads to the theatre at the back. Every seat at The Comedy Bar provides a decent view of the stage; in fact, I prefer the seating at The Comedy Bar to The Second City Toronto location on Blue Jays Way since there are no uncomfortable bar stools to sit on!

The Fast and the Furiously Festive! is a super energetic holiday show that features skits and improv toasting and roasting familiar holiday activities. Some of the skits featured holiday shopping at Loblaws and Walmart, favourite holiday movies, and the classic: worst relatives to show up at Christmas! These definitely put me in a hilarious and holiday mood! Of course, with COVID-19 rampant, the comedy troupe could not ignore the pandemic so a few skits incorporated vaccine-related themes.

The Second City Touring Company, who perform in this show, include Nicole Passmore, Jillian Welsh, Wilfred Lee, Andy Assaf, Liz Johnston and Andy Hull.

One skit featuring Nicole Passmore as a snarky, 13-year-old boy driving with his mom’s dorky boyfriend played by Andy Hull had me in stitches. Passmore nailed the teen’s lingo and accent while Hull really played up the goofiness of the boyfriend. It was one of my favourite sketches of the show!

Each actor has a strong singing voice so some of the skits include singing! I also enjoyed the accompanied and often impromptu piano playing by David Macintosh of popular Christmas songs to enhance the holiday sketches.

Me at the Comedy Bar on Danforth Avenue
Me at the Comedy Bar on Danforth Avenue

Of course, one of the things that Second City comedians do best are impromptu skits. The actors engaged with a woman in the audience to ask her about her favourite holiday memory. She mentioned enjoying the uncontainable excitement of her five-year-old nephew at Christmas, especially when he opened his Tickle-Me-Elmo! Within seconds, the comedy troupe replicated this scene on stage to the delight of the audience! The cast’s quick-thinking and interpretation is truly remarkable!

Another skit that showcased the actors’ sharp improv abilities featured the bigwigs of a major Hollywood film company planning their next Christmas film. This skit truly demonstrated everyone’s think-on-your-feet comedy skills!

We really enjoyed seeing Second City Toronto’s holiday show! It definitely gave us many laughs and put us in a holiday mood!

If you decide to attend Second City Toronto, you have to show your QR code showing that you are fully vaccinated, as well as your photo ID. And of course, masks are required to be worn inside, except when you are seated.

Purchase tickets for The Fast & The Furiously Festive! online at Second City Toronto.

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