Why Wait Until Spring? Three Great Winter Home Improvements

Winter Home Improvements, photo credit Tracy Adams via Unsplash
Winter Home Improvements, photo credit Tracy Adams via Unsplash

The cold and harsh conditions of a Canadian winter can bring many home improvement projects for your property to a crashing halt, especially if they’re outdoors. Although performing home renovations such as gardening and landscaping, digging out a pool, or building a new deck must be reserved for the warmer seasons, there are many DIY projects you can do inside your house in the winter to improve your living conditions.

Besides being good for your own sake, doing some of these winter home improvements can also be good for your home’s value. Many Toronto real estate agents agree that having a home that is as suitable for the winter months as it is for the summer can make a great deal of difference in your home’s resale price.

If you’re feeling your home needs a little something extra this winter, here are three great options to make your home a cozy retreat from the harshness of winter.

Winter Home Improvements, photo credit Tracy Adams via Unsplash
Winter Home Improvements, photo credit Tracy Adams via Unsplash

Brighten Up with Light Fixtures

While natural light is the best type of light in a house to make it feel bright, cheerful and air, it can be hard to come by in the winter months. There are times during winter it feels like the sun doesn’t rise until the morning’s already over, turning to a gloomy overcast or snowstorm by midday, then back again to darkness before it’s even dinnertime!

To try and combat the darkness, it’s a great idea to try and brighten up your home as much as you can.

First, ensure any dull and burnt-out bulbs are replaced. If you haven’t already, consider switching to LED bulbs. They are proven to last longer and use nearly 75% less energy than traditional bulbs. LED bulbs also often shine brighter, reaching further in the room than traditional lights.

One of the easiest winter home improvements is to clean windows and remove screens from windows to let in more natural light.

Lighten Up Your Decor

If your walls need a touch-up, consider now a good time to repaint! Even just refreshing the coat on older white walls can make the room seem vibrant and new again. If you’re feeling more adventurous, a new pop of colour on the wall can bring new energy and needed vibrancy to a room, offsetting the drab outdoor weather.

Replace dark curtains with lighter curtains in order to let more light in. If you have dark slipcovers on your furniture, replace them with light or white slipcovers to create a more airy look.

Winterproof Your Home

Are you feeling a draft when you’re inside? Having cracks, holes and other weaknesses in your home’s exterior can lead to warm air getting out and the cold weather seeping in. It’s not just air that can sneak through these cracks either; when snow and ice start to melt, water can trickle in through these areas, causing significant damage to your home’s foundation. Depending on the size of the opening, pests might be able to find their way into your home as well, seeking refuge from the harsh outdoor conditions.

Properly ensuring your doors, windows, outer walls, garage, and vents are all tight and secure can prevent you from facing these issues. This is excellent for your heating bill too since sealing heating leaks and having proper insulation can save a homeowner roughly 15 percent on their heating bills – this applies to your air conditioning bills in the summer months as well!

Making these winter home improvements will keep the cold out, let the light in and lower your energy bill. Why not get started on them now?!

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