Family Day Traditions to Start with Your Family

My brother and I enjoying pizza from Pizza Nova
My brother and I enjoying pizza from Pizza Nova

We’re so lucky to have Family Day, a holiday to break up the long winter, which has been especially long this year! Family Day in Ontario falls on Monday, February 21, 2022. Because provincial COVID restrictions have loosened somewhat, you may even be able to get together with your family in person this year! How exciting is that? Why not make the holiday even more special by introducing Family Day traditions that you can carry out every Family Day?! Read on to find out which traditions resonate with your family. [Disclosure: I received a complimentary order from Pizza Nova to write this post.]

Photo Viewing

You know all of those family photos you’ve taken over the years? You probably don’t get a chance to look at them very often, right? Why not designate Family Day as the day when your family will get together to look at photos, watch old videos or DVDs of family events or even haul out the old photo albums belonging to your parents or grandparents. You’ll be amazed at the family memories that resurface by looking at old family videos and photos and it is a great bonding experience for everyone!

Family Day Skate

Create a special Family Day tradition of gathering the family together for a skate at outdoor or indoor skating rinks in Toronto. Skating is an inexpensive way to enjoy Family Day with your family. Getting some fresh air and exercise also provides a nice balance to indoor activities you will enjoy on Family Day.

Create a Family Day tradition by ordering from Pizza Nova
Create a Family Day tradition of ordering from Pizza Nova. From top left: Large Primavera Pizza, Chicken Pollini, Chicken Caesar Salad, Meatballs, Chicken Pollini.
Gluten Free Pizza from Pizza Nova
Gluten Free Pizza from Pizza Nova

Family Day = Pizza Nova Day

After you’ve looked through family photos and videos or gone for a skate, why not create a new Family Day tradition of enjoying pizza from Pizza Nova with your family? Pizza Nova has expanded their menu to please flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans! Some of the new menu offerings include plant-based pepperoni pizza and plant-based chick’n bites (Plantollini). If you’ve never had a Pizza Nova pizza before, you are in for a treat. We love their large Primavera pizza (a Signature Pizza) that comes with sautéed spinach, grilled zucchini, roasted red peppers, fresh mushrooms and parmigiano cheese. You can choose whether you want a regular, thin or thick crust – we prefer the thin crust! We also tried a custom pizza made with gluten-free multigrain dough (available only on a medium-sized pizza). I was pleasantly surprised that the dough was not heavy at all; in fact, it was almost as light as the wheat-based dough. Other items on the menu you should consider are Chicken Pollini. These are delicious breaded chicken morsels that come with either BBQ, hot, medium, mild or honey garlic sauce. We ordered the Chicken Pollini with medium sauce and they had just enough heat to make them spicy without burning the roof of your mouth! If you have a hearty appetite, order the meatballs. They are served with a zesty tomato sauce that makes them moist and delicious.

My brother and I enjoying pizza from Pizza Nova

Puzzle Challenge

Family Day is a great day for the family to tackle a new puzzle. Since you have the whole weekend to work on it, you may even get it finished by the end of Family Day! Working on a puzzle together creates feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment. It’s also a great activity to share as a group. Each family member can work on a separate section of the puzzle. Choose a puzzle with a picture that everyone is excited about!

Veggie Garden Launch

Family Day Weekend is the perfect time to start planting seeds for your vegetable garden. You can start growing some veggies and herbs indoors as early as February including bell peppers, onions, celery, basil, thyme, rosemary and oregano. Take the family with you to your local Home Depot or Canadian Tire and pick up some containers with good drainage, some organic soil and some seeds. Starting these seeds in February will mean that your plants will be ready to transplant in May.

I hope the above ideas gave you some inspiration to start your own Family Day traditions. What do you have planned with your family for Family Day this year?



  1. Mr. G and I do basically the same thing. Once a month we do a Day-Date and just enjoy ourselves and drive somewhere close to where we live. We love driving around the countryside.

  2. Loving these ideas! I’m a firm believer in Family Day! Once a month my kids and I and the grandkids do game night, and it is sooooo much fun! I used to do date night but since COVID we have chilled on that and hopefully can resume one day.

    • Hi Elizabeth, Glad to hear you treat family gatherings as “Family Day”. Where I live (Ontario, Canada), there is an actual holiday called “Family Day”. Yes, pizza is very popular on Family Day! Cheers, Lori

  3. I love family traditions and these are all great things to start with. I always enjoy photo viewing with the kids

  4. I love your family tradition ideas. As a whole family, we used to all go to Sunday dinner with my parents when all of our kids were younger. Then the kids grew up and all had lives of their own and that seemed to get harder to do. Now that our family is all grown up, we have 1 daughter in NYC, and the boys each have their own work schedules it isn’t something we are able to do now sadly.

  5. Some fun ideas with group activity and I love the idea of puzzle day! Thanks for sharing about this and I may try them out too! – Knycx Journeying

  6. These are all wonderful family day traditions and that food looks amazing for sure! I am all about good food!

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