Whispering Meadows Family Farms Offers Organic Meat in Ontario

Organic meat and eggs from Whispering Meadows Family Farms in Ontario
Organic meat and eggs from Whispering Meadows Family Farms in Ontario

I have been following the Keto diet for the past year. It’s worked very well for me as I have lost over 40 pounds in the past year. If you’re not familiar with the Keto diet, it places an emphasis on protein, fats and vegetables and generally restricts carbs to 10-15% of your daily intake. There are variations of the Keto diet where the daily carb intake isn’t quite so restrictive. In any event, animal protein is part of the Keto diet so I try to eat organic and/or natural meat whenever possible. That’s why I was excited to try the naturally-raised and organic meat from Whispering Meadows Family Farms. [Disclosure: I received organic meat, eggs and bone broth from Whispering Meadows in order to complete this review.]

Whispering Meadows Family Farms offers home delivery to Toronto and the GTA of naturally-raised and organic beef, chicken, goat, pork and eggs. The farm, which is located just west of Stratford, raises their animals in a free-range, stress-free environment with no antibiotics or synthetic hormones. They use only organic growing methods with certified organic, non-GMO feeds.

Organic meat and eggs from Whispering Meadows Family Farms in Ontario
Organic meat and eggs from Whispering Meadows Family Farms in Ontario

Who doesn’t love farm-fresh organic eggs? The organic eggs from Whispering Farms come in white, brown and…blue! Yes, you read that right! I’m not sure if the blue eggs contain more nutrients; to be honest, they all tasted great to me. These organic eggs had so much flavour and were so fresh that you could tell they were not your standard grocery store eggs.

Ever since I learned about the benefits of bone broth, I try and eat it whenever I can. Beef Bone Broth contains collagen, which is good for skin, cartilage and bones. The broth also contains gelatin, which improves your gut health! I have to admit that I don’t always have the time to make my own beef broth and I have tried a few bone broths that were too salty for my liking. Whispering Meadows Family Farm’s Beef Bone Broth is one of my favourite bone broths. It’s not too salty and the broth has been strained well so that you don’t get pieces of fat in the broth.

The next item we tried were the organic chicken breasts. You really can taste the difference between Whispering Meadows’s organic chicken breasts and regular chicken breasts that you buy at the grocery store (even the chicken breasts that are free from antibiotics!) We brushed a little avocado oil on each breast and sprinkled pepper, garlic powder and paprika on the chicken and roasted them in the oven at 400°F for 24 minutes. These organic chicken breasts were so moist and full of flavour.

Now for the best part: We received two Organic Beef Tenderloin fillets from Whispering Meadows Family Farms. I cooked them on our Ninja Foodi XL Pro Grill & Griddle to a Medium Rare and they were so tender! Each fillet was about 5 ounces and that was more than enough for each of us.

Organic Beef Tenderloin from Whispering Meadows Family Farms
Organic Beef Tenderloin from Whispering Meadows Family Farms

If you are considering ordering organic meat from Whispering Meadows Family Farm, you might want to consider ordering one of their Butcher’s Boxes. You’ll receive a volume discount on some of the farm’s most popular meats. And you don’t have to sign up for a subscription; you can just enjoy the box one time only if you prefer.

Whispering Meadows Family Farms also offers prepared foods such as beef jerky, kielbassa, Montreal-smoked beef, sliced ham, cured pork chops and chicken stock among others.

If you are looking to buy organic, all natural meats while supporting Ontario farms, definitely give Whispering Meadows Family Farms a try!



  1. I have always hear that organic foods are more healthy for you and help build your immune system.

  2. I never new about this brand of meat that is organic. I do agree that it is bit expensive since I have never tried, I can not give an honest opinion about the product.

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