Want to Get in Better Shape? Read These Tips for Hiring a Personal Trainer

Following these tips for hiring a personal trainer should ensure that you meet your fitness goals
Following these tips for hiring a personal trainer should ensure that you meet your fitness goals

During the pandemic, many of us watched our fitness goals fall by the wayside. This was due to several reasons: 1) gyms and fitness studios were closed so we couldn’t get in our regular workout; 2) working from home meant no longer having to walk to the bus or subway; and 3) with restaurants, malls, businesses and attractions closed, people had to hang out at home more often, getting less exercise. As the economy has now fully reopened, including your local gym, many of you may be thinking of hiring a personal trainer in Toronto.

Before you hire a trainer, it’s important to conduct proper research. The person you hire must be fully qualified at the very least. You’ll probably speak to potential candidates before signing a contract, so continue reading to learn about the best tips for hiring a personal trainer. You’ll find out about the qualities you should look for during these conversations. You don’t want to hire the wrong fitness trainer for you and waste a lot of money.

Following these tips for hiring a personal trainer should ensure that you meet your fitness goals
Following these tips for hiring a personal trainer should ensure that you meet your fitness goals

Patience Is A Virtue

Personal trainers often force their clients to work really hard during their fitness sessions. You might feel like you’re getting more for your money, but overtraining your body can be harmful, resulting in excess stress put on muscles, joints and bones that could lead to injury. Ensure that your personal trainer is patient in helping you achieve your fitness goals by not overworking your body.

If you’re looking at private training services in Toronto, ask how long it will take until you achieve a specific fitness goal. You’ll be able to find realistic timeframes on Google, so you can compare those with the timeframes your personal trainer is proposing.

Ability To Communicate

You’ll get better results if you engage your muscles in a certain way while lifting weights. It’s hard to spot the difference when looking at someone giving a demonstration, so personal trainers will need to be able to explain the steps of each exercise.

If your trainer is great at communicating, they’ll be able to clearly state how you should be doing an exercise. Not only will you understand complicated fitness concepts, but you’ll be less likely to get hurt if you’re doing your exercises correctly.

Adapting If Necessary

One reason you haven’t achieved your ideal body might be because you don’t know how to adapt. If you realized something was wrong with your training regime, you would have changed it ages ago. You can’t hire someone who has the same flaws as you.

Personal trainers should be able to switch exercises, substitute sets/reps, or entire programs if you’re not seeing progress. If your trainer can’t create a program full of exercises you like, they may not be good at adapting to your fitness goals.

A Passion For Fitness

Do you work beside colleagues who complain all the time? It can be draining working with people who don’t like their jobs. Personal trainers are supposed to motivate you, which won’t happen if they complain non-stop.

Passionate trainers will always research new techniques and exercises to help clients, and they’ll be happy to answer your fitness questions. They will bring energy and enthusiasm to pump up your fitness routine on those days when you really didn’t want to get out of bed. It won’t take you long to find out if someone enjoys their job once you start speaking with them. You might even want to ask them, “What made you want to be a personal trainer?

Listen Like A Therapist

Personal trainers can only do their job effectively if they’re great listeners. For example, if you’re complaining about something not feeling right while lifting weights, it could mean you are about to pull a muscle. Ensure that your personal trainer is a good listener and incorporates your feedback into your fitness routine.

It’s also nice having someone to share your thoughts with before going home. Some personal trainers comment that their clients treat them more like therapists. This might be because you and your personal therapist are working towards fitness goals that are very personal to you, which creates a shared intimacy. You shouldn’t hire someone if they don’t appear to be a good listener.

I hope you found the above tips for hiring a personal trainer helpful. Let me know in the comment section if you use a personal trainer.

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  1. It is important to screen potential trainers. It helps to have people with experience as they can help you the most.

  2. I am working on getting into better shape. I am getting older and staying active is the fountain of youth! I am looking for good workout routine to follow on my own as I cannot afford a personal trainer. Thank you!

  3. When I started my fitness journey, I hired a personal trainer and loved that experience. Its important to find someone that meshes well with you and your training style and personality. It’s also a must that they correct your form and show you the appropriate way to do things! You need someone involved and observant, not just there to give you a workout plan.

    • Hi Katie, Thanks for sharing your experience. Yes! It’s so important that they ensure you are doing the exercises properly; otherwise, you could injure yourself. And yes, you definitely have to get along. Cheers, Lori

  4. It can be so beneficial to have a personal trainer. But you’re right, it has to be one who can listen to what you want to achieve, and properly communicate to you how to obtain it.

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