What I’m Crushing On in August 2022

Solid Sleeveless Swing Dress in Summer Blue from Northern Reflections
Swing Dress in Summer Blue from Northern Reflections

August is almost over! I enjoyed a wonderful cottage vacation with my family during the first week of August. I am slowly getting back into work mode. I wanted to share what I’m crushing on in August 2022 with you. Continue reading to learn about my favourite fashion items, TV series and books.

The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix Canada

The Lincoln Lawyer reminds me a little of Better Call Saul in that the lead character is a bit cavalier (and is a lawyer of course!), but the similarities end there. The Lincoln Lawyer TV series is not half as violent as Better Call Saul and I am pleased about that because I really don’t enjoy watching a lot of violence. Produced by David E. Kelley, you know that The Lincoln Lawyer is going to be a super stylish series and it is. Mickey Haller (played charmingly by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) is an LA criminal defence lawyer who developed his reputation by being available to his down-and-out clients from his Lincoln car. When a lawyer friend is murdered, Haller inherits his legal practice. Haller sets out to find the murderer with help from his investigator Cisco, played by Angus Sampson. Like all the lead characters in police and legal dramas these days, Haller has a complicated past, which includes his first ex-wife Maggie, played by Neve Campbell – Neve, where have you been? – and his second ex-wife Lorna Crain, played by Becki Newton. I binge watched the first season and can’t wait for the next season to appear on Netflix Canada!

Essie First Timer Nail Polish
Essie First Timer Nail Polish

Essie First Timer Nail Polish

I love this shade of nail polish from Essie: First Timer. Although it looks turquoise in the photo, it is actually a gorgeous mint green! This colour is more versatile than you would think and looks great with true blue, turquoise, soft yellow, coral pink, peach, cream, lilac and navy. Essie is my favourite nail polish brand because the application is very smooth, plus it usually lasts at least seven days without chipping, as long as you wear a top coat.

When We Lost Our Heads by Heather O’Neill

Heather O’Neill’s latest book, When We Lost Our Heads, takes us back to late 19th century Montreal where aristocratic Marie Antoine, teenage daughter of Louis, befriends the calculating Sadie Arnett. The two girls have a love-hate relationship that expands and retracts over time. A tragic incident separates the girls: Marie becomes the owner of a sugar factory while Sadie moves to a brothel and writes a provocative novel about female empowerment. Readers of O’Neill’s books know that she is the queen of the metaphor – you’ll find yourself pausing to picture the wonderful images she creates. The novel is also full of O’Neill’s trademark wicked humour as it unabashedly subverts patriarchal gender norms. When We Lost Our Heads is published by HarperCollins.
ISBN No.: 9-781443-451574

Solid Sleeveless Swing Dress in Summer Blue from Northern Reflections
Swing Dress in Summer Blue from Northern Reflections

Solid Sleeveless Swing Dress from Northern Reflections

When you work from home and are used to wearing jeans or shorts, it’s so fun to put on a dress, especially in summer! What I’m crushing on in August 2022I is this Solid Sleeveless Swing Dress from Northern Reflections! First of all, it comes in one of my colours – a true blue – they call it Summer Blue and second, it looks great even without accessories! Also, how can you beat the price? Even at it’s full price of $54.99, it’s a great deal, although when I went to try it on at Northern Reflections, it was on sale for $26.99!! It falls beautifully just above the knee and the material flows and swings around your body. This dress is made from 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex so the material has a bit of stretch. I can see myself wearing this dress on hot days whether I’m going to the beach or pool, to a casual restaurant or even shopping. It’s also easy to launder: just machine wash on cold and hang to dry. The dress also comes in black and peach, but my favourite is the Summer Blue!

I hope you liked reading about what I’m crushing on in August 2022. I also hope you are having a wonderful summer! You may be interested in reading “Take These Fun Essentials to the Cottage in Summer 2022”.


    • Hi Nishtha, Yes, the cottage was lovely and I needed the break. Thanks re the dress and nail polish. Glad to hear you had a two-month break. Well, it’s back to work for all of us now! Cheers, Lori

  1. I love the color of that nail polish. I’m not one to do my nails very often (I work on a farm) but I would use that one just because.

    • Hi Renee, I can understand why you don’t paint your nails since you are working on a farm. I love this nail polish shade too since it (surprisingly) goes with a lot of colours! Cheers, Lori

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