Have You Tried Meal Kit Delivery in Toronto? Find Out Why They Are Popular

Hello Fresh offers meal kit delivery in Toronto
Hello Fresh offers meal kit delivery in Toronto

After almost two years of rolling closures and ongoing COVID restrictions, Toronto is finally starting to feel and look like it did prior to the pandemic. Retail locations are back up and running, gyms are open at full capacity and restaurants are now able to serve customers both on the patio and inside their establishments. While the city looks to be back to normal, the past couple of years have forced new habits on consumers, namely the use of meal kit delivery services. Check out this article to learn more about the meal kit delivery companies serving in Toronto

Hello Fresh offers meal kit delivery in Toronto
Hello Fresh offers meal kit delivery in Toronto

Not surprisingly, the meal kit delivery service industry has seen major growth throughout the last couple of years. Even though many Torontonians’ favourite food spots have reopened for business, meal kit delivery in Toronto is now more popular than ever. Meal kit delivery services offer consumers several benefits when being added into their weekly routines.

One of the main reasons we have seen so many consumers hop on the meal kit delivery service train is the pure convenience these meal kits offer. Two of the leading brands offering meal kit delivery in Toronto are HelloFresh and Chef’s Plate. Both HelloFresh and Chef’s Plate allow users to access their weekly menu online. Ordering is done completely through their websites, making the process quick and simple to complete. Both brands do an excellent job of keeping the ordering process short and consistent. All meals can be viewed online each week, and are broken down into categories based on dietary and lifestyle needs, making the selection process more efficient and enjoyable. Some examples of these categories include Vegetarian for meatless options, Low Calorie for those tracking their intake a bit more closely, One Pot for consumers looking to cook with minimal clean up afterward, and many more.

Once the order is placed, customers of these brands can look forward to receiving all the necessary ingredients and instructions for cooking their selections shipped directly to their front doorstep. Not only is this a huge time saver for many consumers that can now avoid the last minute trips to the grocery store, but also gives users peace of mind knowing that they are not missing any ingredients prior to cooking their meal.

Another bonus I love about ordering meal kits is I get to learn how to make a new recipe! I enjoy cooking, but I don’t like to cook the same meals again and again. Ordering meal kits infuses a refreshing change into your regular meal rotation.

For those consumers who are looking to save even more time in their week, or perhaps do not enjoy cooking or meal preparation, some brands are now offering ready-to-eat meals in addition to the traditional meal kits. For instance, Cook It, a Montreal-based organization that services Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes, not only offers traditional meal kit delivery service, but also has an entire ready-to-eat menu . The selections from the ready-to-eat menu can be heated and ready for consumption in just two minutes or less. 

The pricing offered by meal kit delivery brands is fair when you consider the amount of time these services save. Prices are based on the number of meals and the number of servings users are looking to order each week. Many consumers have also seen financial savings in the decreased amount of time they need to order last minute takeout. By either having a ready-to-eat meal or even just the ingredients to quickly whip up one of the menu offerings from these meal kit delivery service brands, customers are saving money by avoiding overpriced takeout and delivery charges.

It is obvious that incorporating meal kit delivery into your weekly routine has several benefits. The overall convenience of being able to order meals online and have all ingredients and instructions shipped directly to your doorstep to be recreated at home is a giant time saver. The larger brands within the meal kit delivery service space often offer a variety of categories to break down their meal offerings each week. These categories make it easier for those with more specific dietary needs and lifestyle preferences to browse the menu and order their meals. As noted above, some brands are even offering ready-to-eat meals for the busiest consumers, or those looking to spend less time in the kitchen. The pricing for meal kit is also reasonable when you consider the other benefits these services offer. It is no surprise that the meal kit delivery service industry continues to grow and flourish!

Have you tried meal kit delivery in Toronto? If so, please let us know what you think of them in the comment section.