What I’m Crushing On in May 2023: TV Series, Books, Beauty

Essie Go Ginza Nail Polish is a light lilac shade that will go with many colours.
Essie Go Ginza Nail Polish is a light lilac shade.

I can’t believe we are approaching the end of May! This month was a whirlwind of activity for me including visiting several restaurants to review on my blog, a clothing store opening, as well as family get-togethers. The warmer weather has also finally arrived so I have been getting our backyard and garden ready for summer by weeding, mowing the lawn and buying gorgeous plants at our local garden center. Continue reading to learn what I’m crushing on in May 2023:

Designated Survivor

I am very late to the Designated Survivor game, but am really enjoying this TV series, which is currently on Netflix. It’s 2017 and an explosion has blown up the Capitol Building, killing the president, most of his cabinet and Congress. In this situation, the Designated Survivor, who is the highest ranking official in the presidential line of succession, becomes President. Tom Kirkman (played by Kiefer Sutherland) who was previously the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and an independent to boot now finds himself ruling the country from the Oval Office! He must immediately determine who is responsible for the attack despite having no experience even comparable to his new role and must rely on the advice of his Chief of Staff, military leaders and Director of Communications. The premise of this series is exciting and each episode contains a new twist or threat to the government. Even though it’s six years old, Designated Survivor is worth watching if you are looking for an adrenaline-pumping show. Fans of The West Wing will love it!

Reading corner in my backyard with potted flowers and wicker rocking chair.
Reading nook in my backyard.

Reading Corner in My Garden

Since reading is a passion of mine, I like to create an area in our backyard where I can relax with my latest book. I love buying brightly coloured annual flowers and placing them together in different planter pots so that they create a gorgeous arrangement of colour. The flowers I purchased are sunlovers like I am so they should continue to bloom until the end of August. Do you have a favourite spot to read?

Reading Snow Road Station By Elizabeth Hay
Reading Snow Road Station By Elizabeth Hay

Snow Road Station by Elizabeth Hay

Elizabeth Hay is one of my favourite Canadian fiction authors. I absolutely loved her Giller-Prize-winning book Late Nights on Air and also enjoyed her later book, His Whole Life. Snow Road Station is a continuation of His Whole Life, but it is not necessary to read the latter book to enjoy the former. In Snow Road Station, Lulu, an actor in her 60s, escapes to the lake at Snow Road Station (about an hour and a half north of Kingston, Ontario) after messing up her lines in a play. There, she reconnects with her long-time friend Nan, and meets others who help her reconnect with her true self. Hay takes the time to create round characters who think and act in complex ways. She also creates a community, with vivid descriptions of the local people and landscape in beautifully written prose and graciously allows her reader access to that community. Perhaps that’s why her books are so hard to finish: because you don’t want to say goodbye to her characters!

Snow Road Station is published by Alfred A. Knopf Canada. ISBN: 978-1-03-900332-3

Essie Go Ginza Nail Polish is a light lilac shade that will go with many colours.
Essie Go Ginza Nail Polish is a light lilac shade.

Essie Nail Polish in Go Ginza

I added this Essie nail polish to what I’m crushing on in May 2023 because this light lilac shade will go with so many different colours. Sometimes I don’t have time to change my nail polish more than once a week so this shade is perfect for me for summer. It goes well with pink, light green, purple, yellow, orange or even a white outfit.

I hope you enjoyed reading what I’m crushing on in May 2023. What are some of your current faves?

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  1. I will keep that book in mind. I love to read!

    And I enjoyed Designated Survivor as well. I was bummed when it was canceled.

  2. I am surely gonna check out that book! That wad a really beautiful flower! I love it

  3. That sounds like a really great book that I need to check out! I enjoy reading this article thanks for sharing this with us

  4. 🤩 Love that nail polish colour! I’m still looking for my “summer colour” for my toenails, since I like to have them looking pretty for sandal weather. I think I’d probably go with a bit darker shade though. I love the colours Essie has – so many to choose from!

  5. I wish I had a cozy spot outside where I could read or do my social media. My yard is boring. Lol

    I also love that color of nail polish. It’s been a long time since I’ve painted my nails.

  6. We watched all seasons of Designated Survivor and really enjoyed it. I have books to read here and having a reading corner in my garden would be awesome.

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