What I’m Crushing On in November 2023

Feelin Capricorn-y O.P.I nail polish
Feelin Capricorn-y O.P.I nail polish

Fall is continuing to fly by and in a week or so, we’ll be hearing Christmas carols in stores. It seems like when the calendar turned to September, everything went on fast forward. With Halloween disappearing in the rear view mirror, even I am involved in holiday planning. I would love to get my Christmas shopping all finished in November, but I’m still waiting for Christmas gift lists from my family! Have you started holiday planning yet? In the meantime, continue reading to find out what I’m crushing on in November 2023:

Wearing the Long Sleeve Boxy Turtleneck Sweater from Reitmans
Wearing the Long Sleeve Boxy Turtleneck Sweater from Reitmans

Long-Sleeve Boxy Turtleneck Sweater from Reitmans

I was eyeing this boxy turtleneck sweater at Reitman’s and even went to try it on two times before I ended up buying it! I love the cropped style since it looks great with high-waisted pants! I also realized I didn’t have a lot of earthy shades in my fall wardrobe such as nudes, rusts and browns – colours that remind me of the changing leaves – so I was eager to pick up this sweater. It’s warm without being too warm and very comfortable!

Prairie Naturals Bonebroth Powder is what I'm crushing on in November 2023.
Prairie Naturals Bonebroth Powder is what I’m crushing on in November 2023.

Prairie Naturals Beef Bonebroth Powder

I have enjoyed trying Beef Bone Broth when I’ve been out at restaurants or events, but had no idea that it came in a powder! Made by Prairie Naturals, Bonebroth powder is made from the bones and connective tissue of grass-fed beef and is dairy free and gluten free. Now I can make this nutritious broth easily at home. I just add it to boiling water and drink it as a tea or I use it as a base for soups. Beef Bone Broth provides so many health benefits including supporting your joints, building muscle and improving your gut health.

Feelin Capricorn-y O.P.I nail polish
Feelin Capricorn-y O.P.I nail polish

Feelin’ Capricorn-y Nail Polish from O.P.I

I don’t usually like nail polish with glitter, but I have to admit, I love O.P.I’s Big Zodiac Energy Fall 2023 Collection and in particular, the Feelin’ Capricorn-y green shade. This nail polish applies smoothly and it actually remains chip-free for a good 8 days! The glitter in the nail polish gives it a bit of a lift. This would be a festive colour to wear at Christmas.


Stay Close TV Series on Netflix

We love watching British crime dramas because the Brits just seem do to them better! The latest British crime series we’ve been watching on Netflix is Stay Close, which was actually released in 2021. The story focuses on Megan, who is engaged to be married to her long-time partner, Dave (she already has three kids with him). But Dave is not aware that Megan previously went by the name, Cassie, and had a very different life as a stripper – a life she ran away from due to a murder! The series is full of plot twists and shocking elements and is definitely keeping us hooked!

The Paris Library by Janet Skeslien Charles

This historical fiction book focuses on Odile, who works at the American Library in Paris (an actual library) during WWII. Odile and her library colleagues resist the Nazi occupation of the City of Light by providing library books to Jewish and other citizens who have been forbidden by the Nazis to enter libraries. The dual narrative also takes place in Montana in the 1980s where Odile has moved with her husband. As a book lover, I was immediately attracted to the setting of the library, but it was the resilient characters, as well as the revelation of their human weaknesses as they struggle to survive horrendous conditions that really had me invested in the story.

I hope you enjoyed reading about what I’m crushing on in November 2023. What are some of your current favourites?

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  1. I like all of these things. The nail polish is gorgeous, and I’m always looking for new health products. And, I’ll have to check out Stay Close! We spend so much time looking for stuff to watch on Netflix and it is nice to have a recommendation.

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