What I’m Crushing On in July 2024: Netflix Series, Books, Perfume

Good Girl Blush Elixir Eau de Parfum by Carolina Herrera
Good Girl Blush Elixir Eau de Parfum by Carolina Herrera

It’s hard to believe it, but we are in the full swing of summer! We’ve already reached the end of the first week of July! Maybe you’re getting ready to go to a cottage? Or perhaps you’re staying in the city for a bit and enjoying some Toronto events and festivals in July? I haven’t made any solid plans to go away just yet; I’m taking things as they come and making the most of this glorious weather! Continue reading to find out what I’m crushing on in July 2024.

Owning Manhattan on Netflix

Owning Manhattan, a new series on Netflix, has got us hooked! The reality TV series focuses on the real estate firm, SERHANT, where real estate agents are selling the most expensive residential real estate in New York City. The company is headed by real estate mogul Ryan Serhant, who previously appeared in the TV series, Million Dollar Listing New York. The series puts a spotlight on the fast-paced, high stakes negotations made by Serhant real estate agents. It also gives audiences an eye-popping view of the most luxurious homes and condos in The Big Apple. Serhant’s real estate agents are cut-throat in business, yet mostly likeable and you can imagine that these big egos sometimes clash. Owning Manhattan is an extremely entertaining series. I can’t wait to watch Season 2!

Good Girl Blush Elixir Eau de Parfum by Carolina Herrera
Good Girl Blush Elixir Eau de Parfum by Carolina Herrera

Good Girl Blush Elixir Eau de Parfum by Carolina Herrera

When I attended the Bubbles & Brunch event in April, I received several perfume samples including Good Girl Blush Elixir Eau de Parfum by Carolina Herrera. When I first tried this perfume, I wasn’t sure if I liked it so I didn’t wear it for about two months. I tried it on later and absolutely loved it! Who knows how are olfactory senses operate? Anyway, Good Girl Blush Elixir is in the amber floral family of perfumes and is particularly good to wear for an evening out since it is an intense scent.

The top notes are Bergamot and Mandarin; middle notes are Ylang Ylang and rose; and base notes are vanilla and patchouli. Good Girl Blush Elixir is a sensual, more intense version of Good Girl Blush, which, to be honest, I have never tried.

Another thing I love about this woody, mysterious floral is its staying power. I can smell it on my skin after 10 hours!

Because I received samples of Good Girl Blush Elixir, I didn’t receive the full bottle size, but as you can tell from the image, the gorgeous bottle is in the shape of a stiletto in a black-and-pink design with a gold heel. You can purchase Good Girl Blush Elixir by Carolina Herrera at Sephora.

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan

My Toronto public library book club read Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan in May and I absolutely loved it! This charming story begins with Clay, a software developer who, after getting fired from his company, goes to work in a bookstore in San Francisco. What’s unique about Mr. Penumbra’s Bookstore is it doesn’t attract many customers. There are a few popular books at the front of the store, but there are stacks of old books on the upper racks that Clay is forbidden to read. Only the bookstore’s long-time, quirky customers are allowed access to these tomes. Clay becomes intrigued about what’s hidden in the books and enlists his friend, Kat, who works at Google, and his grade-school friend Neel, a multi-millionaire tech company owner, to help decode them. The story highlights the conflict between old and new technology, pitting print books against virtual reality. Whimsical, mysterious and fun, the book does require the occasional suspension of disbelief, but it’s a sheer delight to do so.

Cucumber from my garden is almost ready to be picked
Cucumber from my garden is almost ready to be picked

My Garden Vegetables

Since moving into a house several years ago, we have always had a flower garden, but this year, I tried growing vegetables in pots. We have a garden at the front of our house and it gets about six hours of sun each day so I thought this would be a great place to try growing vegetables. I purchased several tomato, pepper, sugar snap pea, green bean and cucumber plants and I was really curious how well they would do. The cucumbers have done so well and so have the green beans. The tomato plants each have tomatoes on them, although they’re not ripe yet. The sugar snap peas have not been as prolific and the peppers have not produced fruit yet. My vegetable garden is what I’m crushing on in July because it’s so exciting and rewarding for me to go outside every morning and see how big my vegetables are getting and yes, I’ve eaten some already! I’m also learning about how to cultivate these vegetables. For example, cucumber plants need a lot of water since cucumbers are about 96% water – the highest water content of any food!

I'm wearing Short Sleeve Crew Neck Lace Top and Linen Blend Mid Rise Wide Leg Pants from RW&CO
I’m wearing Short Sleeve Crew Neck Lace Top and Linen Blend Mid Rise Wide Leg Pants from RW&CO

Summer Outfit from RW&CO

I received this outfit from RW&CO and I absolutely love it for summer! The Short Sleeve Crew Neck Top in Whisper White has a bit of stretch in it so it’s very flattering. I’m wearing it in size Small and it fits true to size. With our humid temperatures in Toronto in the last few weeks, these Linen-Blend Mid-Rise Wide-Leg Pants have been the perfect choice! The wider legs give these pants a casual look while the linen-blend material is such a cool material to wear on hot days. I’m wearing these pants in Tiger’s Eye in size 4 and again, I would say they are true to size. Purchase these in store or online at RW&CO.

I hope you enjoyed reading about what I’m crushing on in July 2024. Let me know what some of your current favourites are in the comment section!



  1. It sounds like you’ve found some delightful favorites for July! The “Owning Manhattan” series on Netflix sounds intriguing, and I’m curious about Good Girl Blush Elixir—it sounds like a perfect scent for summer evenings. Your vegetable garden success is inspiring—I bet those homegrown cucumbers are delicious! Thanks for sharing your July crushes!

    • Hi Jess, Owning Manhattan is such a fun show to watch! Yes, give Good Girl Blush Elixir a try! It’s perfect for summer evenings! My cucumbers taste amazing…better than what I’ve bought at the grocery store! Cheers, Lori

  2. I love house flipping and real estate shows. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on “Owning Manhattan.” I’m going to watch it now!

  3. Thanks for sharing your favorites in Netflix, thanks for sharing this to us. I’ll look more in this series when I have spare time.

  4. I have 3 of the Good Girl hills but not this particular flanker. I tried it once but wasn’t it love. Based on what you’ve said, I’ll give it another try!

  5. I have 3 of the Good Girl hills but not this particular flanker. I tried it once but wasn’t it love. Based on what you’ve said, I’ll give it another try! You’re right, sometimes we do like a fragrance when we come back to it at a later time.

  6. I always appreciate finding new shows like Owning Manhattan to unwind with after a long day. I’m also eager to try Good Girl Blush Elixir Eau de Parfum—I love discovering new fragrances.

    • Hi Lavanda, Owning Manhattan is an indulgence, for sure. I’m like you…I love to watch something fun and uplifting that isn’t violent after working all day. Cheers, Lori

  7. I have never seen Manhattan; it sounds like an amazing show. I love the cucumbers from the garden, I would always eat them from my parent’s garden. Before my mother would can them

    • Hi Laura, This is my first time growing cucumbers! They definitely taste better than the ones you buy at the grocery store. That’s interesting that your mother would can them! Cheers, Lori

  8. I love the bottle design for that fragrance. It’s not one I have tried before. I will need to try it myself.

  9. Too funny — I just started Owning Manhattan and am about halfway through the first season. I enjoy watching an episode in the morning while I get my work done. I love seeing the wildly expensive properties in NYC!

  10. You really are crushing it. I keep seeing Owning Manhattan I need to revisit that movie and watch it. My daughter has the same perfume fragrance, and she adores it, I’m loving the cucumber picture also. I haven’t even had time to do our garden this year due to the weather has been sooooooo hot here.

    • Hi Lisa, Owning Manhattan is definitely worth a watch on Netflix! I love that fragrance too…it’s very addictive! It’s been hot here too…I’ve had to be very careful to make sure I water my vegetable plants enough! Cheers, Lori


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