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Canadian Stage’s Fairview at Berkeley Street Theatre: REVIEW

Fairview, the 2019 Pulitzer Prize winning play by Jackie Sibblies Drury, has opened at Berkeley Street Theatre. A collaboration between Canadian Stage and Obsidian...

Canadian Stage’s Public Enemy Reveals The Dark Side of Family: REVIEW

What happens when your family gets together for dinner? Is it a pleasant culinary experience or do you leave feeling you've just attended a...

Concord Floral at St. Lawrence Centre, Toronto: Review

Remember your teen years? The uncertainty and desire for acceptance? Canadian Stage’s Concord Floral puts those years under a microscope amidst a riveting teen...

Canadian Stage’s Helen Lawrence Both a Film and a Play

By Lori Bosworth It’s post-WWII Vancouver and survivors of the war scramble to make a living in Director Stan Douglas’s Helen Lawrence, which opened at...

Canadian Stage’s North American Premiere of London Road

By Lori Bosworth In 2006, on London Road, Steven Gerald James Wright murdered five women, who were working as prostitutes in Ipswich, one of England's...

Canadian Stage Births a Cool Production in Needles and Opium

By Lori Bosworth Intoxicated and trippy: That is how Canadian Stage's latest production, the English-language premiere of Robert Lepage's Needles and Opium will leave you feeling. Focusing...