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Fall Colour at Toronto Parks in October 2021

Fall is such a precarious season. Although the calendar reads that fall is three months long, in reality, fall weather lasts about four, maybe...

Visit Rosetta McClain Gardens for the Flowers and Lake View

We will soon be in Step 2 in Ontario and to be honest, I can't wait to get a pedicure since personal care salons...

Winter Walk at Rosetta McClain Gardens: A Toronto East Park

Even though it was Groundhog Day a few days ago and Wiarton Willie has predicted an early spring, I have decided that I like...

Fall Colour Style with Lux and Nyx Ecofriendly Handbags

There is something about autumn that is magical and breathtaking. Mother Nature's gorgeous use of colour is spellbinding. I remember the fall season starting...

A Contemplative Walk at Rosetta McClain Gardens

By Lori Bosworth Since moving to the east end a few years ago, I have slowly discovered many of this part of Toronto's sights and...