5 Types of Alternative Travel

Volunteer tourism is a new form of alternative travel.
Volunteer tourism is a new form of alternative travel.

Nowadays people are travelling more and more. Going abroad is no longer simply a recreational event; people are travelling for a variety of reasons. Some new types of travelling have appeared in the last decade that are neither for business nor for pleasure. Read further to learn about five types of alternative travel:

Volunteer tourism is a new form of alternative travel.
Volunteer tourism is a new form of alternative travel.
  1. Medical Tourism/ Travelling

Considering that in quite a few countries employee health benefits do not cover all the medical necessities that people have nor do some countries offer specialized medical procedures, many people travel to receive medical services. For instance, a lot of Americans travel to Canada to get medical help because it is significantly cheaper than in the U.S. while many Canadians travel to the U.S. to receive quicker medical attention.

  1. Employment Travel

When seeking new employment, it is no longer customary to stay within the boundaries of your country. Whether it is for project-based work or for a long-term position, candidates do not shy away from relocating to a foreign country if this brings more advantages. Health benefits and higher salaries are usually a major factor in the decision process. Having access to an HSA account by Benecaid, for example, could make a lot of people want to take a job in Toronto.

  1. Shopping Tourism

Price differences between countries are enormous and taking advantage of exchange rates could lead to a significant profit. For example, if purchasing a DSLR camera in the U.S. will cost a lot less than purchasing it in Canada and the difference in cost is more than the cost of your travel expenses, shopping travel becomes very attractive. Alternatively, people also opt for shopping tourism to purchase luxury items that are exclusive to certain parts of the world.

  1. Lottery Tourism

One of the lesser known types of alternative tourism surrounds lotteries. According to official lottery laws, international participants are welcome to play, but the tickets must not leave the territory of the organizing country. This makes it rather complicated to play international lotteries. When jackpots are large enough to be worth the effort, people actually take trips to be able to play their favorite lottery games.

  1. Volunteer TourismĀ 

More and more people are travelling to other countries to offer their services on a volunteer basis. Types of volunteer tourism include participating on a basic construction project, offering tutoring to children or helping to grow or distribute food. This type of travelling offers visitors the chance to focus on their personal development while discovering a new country. These volunteer projects are filled with a certain positive energy that can make a difference.

As you can see, a lot has changed when it comes to travelling in 2018. These five types of alternative travel have changed the purpose, the process, and the boundaries of what we knew as traditional travelling.



  1. We love traveling, but haven’t had the chance to do it as often as we would like. It would be fun to travel and give back at the same time. I want my kids to explore the world and new places, and by volunteering it would give them a chance to see things they might not otherwise get to see.

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