What I’m Crushing On in January 2023

MAELYS B-FLEX,, B-FLAT and B-FOXY Firming Creams
MAELYS B-FLEX,, B-FLAT and B-FOXY Firming Creams

It’s hard to believe we’re already in the latter half of January! January is usually a slow month for me after all of the business and social events of the holidays. This month, however, has been fairly busy with work and fitness activity. Due to the very mild temperatures we’ve been enjoying in Toronto, I was able to go skating at an outdoor ice rink with my friend Grace. We had a fabulous time considering that neither of us had been on skates in about 12 years! I also started running again after a decade-long absence. To be honest, my first time out was more of a run-walk-run-walk, but the second time I went running, I stopped only once for about two minutes and then continued with my run. I was so pumped when I got home! Other than that, I have been reading books, watching some new shows on Netflix and just enjoying the new year vibes. Here is what I’m crushing on in January 2023:

Mixed Media Crew Neck T Shirt with Frilled Chiffon Sleeves from RW&CO
Mixed Media Crew Neck T Shirt with Frilled Chiffon Sleeves from RW&CO

Mixed Media Crew-Neck T-Shirt with Frilled Chiffon Sleeves from RW&CO.

My sister bought me the Mixed Media Crew-Neck T-Shirt in white, which is really more of a blouse, from RW&CO. for Christmas (okay, I gave her a strong hint that I wanted it!) I absolutely love it and it is already what I’m crushing on in January 2023! The frilled sleeves make it so feminine and dressy! I can’t wait to wear it with light grey pants and an icy pink cardigan in spring. I’m also going to wear it with a David Dixon black skirt with cut-outs that reveal a white slip. The top is perfect for that skirt! Although I usually take a size Small, I asked my sister to get it for me in a Medium because I had already tried it on in the store and the small was a bit snug. This top also comes in Black and was on sale for $34.95 the last time I checked.

The Next Millionaire Next Door by Sarah Stanley Fallaw and Thomas J. Stanley

This book is an updated version of the original, The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley. Although many reviewers on Goodreads said that it rehashed a lot of the information provided in the original book, that was not a concern for me since I didn’t read the first book. The information presented, supported by research, about the habits of millionaires was an eye-opener for me. For instance, they tend to buy Hondas and Toyotas, not high-end vehicles; they do not spend that much money on clothes, and they live in homes they can easily afford. The typical millionaire next door is not ostentatious about his/her wealth, which means your next door neighbour could be a millionaire (or multi-millionaire) and you would not know it. The Next Millionaire Next Door is a very inspiring read. I recommend it if you want to curb your spending and build wealth.
ISBN13: 978-1493035366

MAELYS B-FLEX,, B-FLAT and B-FOXY Firming Creams
MAELYS B-FLEX,, B-FLAT and B-FOXY Firming Creams

MAËLYS B-FLEX, B-FLAT and B-FOXY Firming Creams

I was not familiar with MAËLYS firming creams until I was approached by the company to give them a try. I have since found out that Khloé Kardashian raves about MAËLYS B-TIGHT Lift & Firm Booty Mask. I had to find out for myself whether these firming creams worked so I agreed to receive samples of B-FLEX Lift & Firm Arm Cream, B-FLAT Belly Firming Cream and B-FOXY Inner Thigh Firming Cream. Having lost a lot of weight a year ago, my skin definitely needs firming in certain places. B-FLEX contains Red Algae, which smooths the skin; Kangaroo Paw Flower Extract to tighten the look of skin; and Pink PepperSlim, which smooths the look of fatty skin. B-FLAT contains Avocado Extract to reduce the look of stretch marks; and Shea Butter to make skin more supple looking. Coconut Oil, which is known for reducing the appearance of stretch marks; Tapioca Starch to reduce moisture in the thigh chafing area; and Microalgae to reduce the look of fatty skin are key ingredients in B-FOXY Inner thigh Firming Cream. Each cream, which sells for CAD 65.99, has a distinct medium fragrance, which I find pleasant. I started using them two weeks ago and although MAËLYS  recommends that you use the products for at least three weeks, I have noticed a slight improvement in the lines on my stomach. I can’t wait to see the results after a month!

Glass Onion

I recently watched this movie on Netflix and really enjoyed it! Glass Onion is a sequel to the equally excellent Knives Out and sees Daniel Craig returning to his role of Detective Benoit Blanc. The movie was nominated for Best Movie – Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globes 2023. Edward Norton plays billionaire Myron Bron (modelled after Elon Musk) who made his money from his tech company, Alpha. Bron invites his friends to a murder mystery weekend at his private island – someone has also invited Blanc! When one of the guests is murdered, chaos breaks loose. Kate Hudson nails all of the social media shallowness as fashion designer Birdie Jay and Janelle Monáe is wonderful as the co-founder of Alpha, Andi Brand.

I hope you enjoying reading about what I’m crushing on in January 2023. Let me know in the comment section what some of your current favourites are. You might be interested in reading, “Valentine’s Day Ideas for Staying at Home 2023“.



  1. You are definitely crushing it this month! way to go! I am proud of you and I kinda really wish I could say I was nearly the same. I can not but hey, I will catch up!

  2. You are definitely having an awesome January thus far! I also loved the Glass Onion on Netflix and can’t wait to watch it again. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I hear so many amazing things about Glass Onion. I don’t have Netflix at the moment, but I’m going to get it soon. This is on my list of shows to watch too.

  4. OMGoodness, Glass Onion was soooooo good. I agree you are off to a great start for 2023! Keep crushing it! :0)

  5. You made me so curious about the book The Next Millionaire Next Door by Sarah Stanley Fallaw and Thomas J. Stanley. I think it’s an interesting read!

  6. I have been on the fence for trying those products you purchased. I keep going back and forth on whether to try and still have not committed. Trying to cut back and ave but may have to after reading this review!

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