Torontonicity Co-Sponsors Tweetsteria at The Addisons

Participants in Tweetsteria event
Participants in Tweetsteria event

Torontonicity invites readers to come out and play Tweetsteria, a game where Singles become Couples and collude to win cash, on Thursday, July 20, 2017 at The Addisons Residence in downtown Toronto.

Single in the City has created a new way for single people to meet, mix and mingle in public while still using their phones. Tweetsteria is a gadget-friendly game for geeks with quick fingers and fast devices, and what’s more, this new age trivia game awards players $20 for the first correct answer.

Participants in Tweetsteria event
Participants in Tweetsteria event

Laura Bilotta and her team at Single in the City have shaped the competition as a singles event because of the way attendees are encouraged to couple-up and win. How so? Because the questions are impossibly hard and require research, and because two brains are faster than one. Laura wrote about how Tweetsteria Works to Turn Singles into Couples after the last event on May 24, 2017 at Cagney’s Wine Bar in Mississauga.

It all boils down to one line: winning answers must be tweeted accompanied by the #Tweetsteria hashtag to appear on a specially-programmed Twitter feed wall that displays all such submissions in chronological order. So it’s a live-time race to be first with the right answer. The first correct answer to appear on the wall (by a registered player’s @playersname) wins $20.

Tweetsteria has Twenty-One Questions for a Grand Prize

There are 21 chances to win $20; that’s $420 in total and that’s not all. The six local business sponsors, plus KPDI digital strategy agency whose technicians helped make the Twitter feed wall work better, are all offering additional prizing to be announced.

Walton Wood Farm in Peterborough, the makers of premium men’s care items, including toiletry and beard wash, is one of the sponsors behind this game. So is KWAF wine delivery service in Toronto, which could make for some interesting prizes.

Standard Telecom, a Toronto based company that buys and sells Nortel Network office phone systems as ‘standard,’ is one of the sponsors, and also one of the media partners. This is a smart association for them as they work to modernize their products galleries and service offerings. Tweetsteria is for smart phones!

Archer Dental is part of the show. Dr Natalie Archer is a web marketing genius and, once again this year, her clinic was voted Toronto’s Best Dentist from Now Magazine‘s Readers’ Choice Awards. Archer Dental will communicate an account of Tweetsteria from a dentist’s perspective.

And UptotheTime watches is another sponsor of Tweetsteria. These watches are very pretty and come with accessories and guarantees which makes them both super stylish and practical.

The backyard at The Addisons Residence, photo Vasko Photography
The backyard at The Addisons Residence, photo Vasko Photography

The Addisons is a Cool Event Venue on Wellington Street West

The Addisons Residence on Wellington Street West, just west of Spadina Avenue in downtown Toronto, is a concept bar that takes the My Apartment model of the 1990s one step further: the interior is decorated much like a residential home (but without bedrooms) and with a big backyard. Designed by famed interior designer Lisa Ho, it’s loosely modeled on a similar bar in Los Angeles.

Addison’s is a concept bar for sure, but one that functions successfully because there’s substance to the style – it’s a comfortable spot, and there’s plenty of amusements and third-party attractions the keep their home exciting all year long.” Ken Bryan

Tweetsteria adds to the excitement since winning money in public is certain to bring out the best in people. This new event is quickly gaining in popularity and is a must-attend Toronto event of the summer.

Register for Tweetsteria here:

Tweetsteria by Single in The City

Discount Code for Tweetsteria

If you register using our special coupon discount code ‘torontonicity’, you’ll get $5 off each ticket purchased before July 19, 2017.