Get Your Sunroom Ready for Spring

Get your sunroom ready for Spring
Get your sunroom ready for Spring with these tips.

The warm spring weather has arrived, and quite frankly, it can’t come soon enough. After being stuck inside for the past few months, many of us can’t wait to get outside and enjoy our backyards. But first, we need to attend to backyard chores, such as weeding the garden, raking the leaves, tuning-up the lawnmower, and, most importantly — getting your sunroom ready to enjoy the warm season ahead.

Many people with sunrooms in Toronto love having this extended portion of their home that provides screened access to the outdoors. Sitting in your sunroom means you get to enjoy the warmth from the sun while avoiding nasty insect bites.

Fortunately, there’s not a lot to do to get your sunroom in order. Check out these simple maintenance tips for a sunroom that will provide endless comfort and relaxation.

Get your sunroom ready for Spring
Get your sunroom ready for Spring with these tips.

Ensure Windows Are Clean for a Spectacular View

The whole purpose of a sunroom is to enjoy the spectacular view of your backyard. Therefore, the most important step for getting your sunroom ready for spring is to ensure your windows and screens are clean. Clean window glass with a window cleaner and wipe the glass with newspapers to ensure there are no streaks. Remove screens from their tracks and rinse with a garden hose. If your window screens have a lot of grime, get a scrub brush and add a few tablespoons of dish soap into a small bucket of water and gently scrub screens with soapy water.

Sunroom Decor

Nothing welcomes the freshness of spring quite like decorating your home with new accents. If your budget allows, perhaps you could purchase new furniture such as a wicker rattan chair or sofa to change the room’s look entirely. Colourful cushions will give your sunroom a summer feel. You could also change your sunroom’s interior by buying a new set of curtains or blinds.

Look for curtains that contain UV protection so the sun won’t damage your furniture. Choose cotton or linen materials, which are cooler in hot weather. Also, using lighter materials and colours will keep your sunroom cool since dark colours are known to attract heat. Your best bets are materials in whites, pastels and creams.

You’ll want to install an indoor/outdoor carpet, especially if your sunroom is unheated. Indoor/outdoor carpets are treated to resist mold and damage from UV rays. This is important since your sunroom will be exposed to severe weather fluctuations and moisture during the winter months.

A sunroom offers homeowners the benefit of enjoying the beauty of outside without having to actually step outside. Watch cardinals and Blue jays flutter through your trees, admire the flowers on your patio and enjoy a brilliant sunset all from the comfort of your sunroom, without the nuisances that the outdoors brings, such as unpredictable climate or bugs.

Get your sunroom ready for spring now so that you can take advantage of the warmer weather that has just appeared!