Boobyball Toronto 2017 Gets Physical at Rebel Nightclub

Crowd at Boobyball Toronto 2017
Crowd at Boobyball Toronto 2017

By Lory Diaz

Boobyball Toronto¬†2017 took place on Oct 13, 2017 at Rebel Nightclub, located at 11 Polson Street. This year’s theme, “Get Physical,” was inspired by the iconic aesthetics of Olivia Newton-John, neon lycra, and all things 80s. Big hair, big moves, and bold colours filled Rebel as guests were invited to help in the fight against breast cancer, and its myths.

This year, we celebrated Boobyball’s Sweet 16, and Torontonicity was invited to join the many young Canadians who have contributed towards raising $4.2 million since they first launched! The fundraising parties are held in Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, and Winnipeg, with Vancouver joining this year. Rethink Breast Cancer partners perfectly with Boobyball as both organizations focus on education and informing the 40 and younger crowd on preventive measures they can take against this aggressive disease.

Crowd at Boobyball Toronto 2017
Crowd at Boobyball Toronto 2017

This year’s theme directly ties into the important fact that physical activity can reduce the risk of breast cancer, and aid in the challenging recovery. TOPSHOP set up a photoshoot corner for guests, equipped with colourful workout gear and a stationary bike. The all-pink area was a guest favourite!

Topshop Corner at Boobyball Toronto 2017
Topshop Corner at Boobyball 2017

The beverages served also highlighted the health-conscious theme, as guests could enjoy some refreshing cocktails with reduced calories. Social Lite’s vodka-based lime drink has only 80 calories!

Teapigs used their super-fruit berry tea to create the signature pink cocktail of the night: The Super Fruit Twist! Light and refreshing, and packing an antioxidant punch. VIP guests were gifted a full-size pack of teapigs signature tea to take home as well.

I have to say, though, that my favourite drink of the night was the Tromba Margarita that was made with a fresh lime, pineapple, and cilantro mix. The bright and vibrant flavours of the juice paired nicely with the anejo (aged) tequila, but it was the cilantro that really brought out the smoky notes. Absolutely delicious!

If the beverages and dancing had guests working up a healthy sweat, Visage had everyone covered with a hair and makeup station. Colourful shadows, glosses, and hair accessories were used by their expert beauty team to ensure that everyone was looking their best throughout the night. I really like this station, because it not only frees up space in the restrooms, but it allows guests to enjoy the night without carrying purses around. Makes for an enjoyable and worry-free night!

BelloSound created the perfect throwback sing-along atmosphere for guests to dance to and party late into the night!

If you’re considering purchasing tickets, and aren’t sure what the benefits of a VIP experience are, let me assure you that it’s not only worth contributing to the important cause, but it also allows you some delicious appetizers and snacks throughout the night. While all guests are invited to an endless supply of pizza, poutine, nachos, and beef sliders that circulate, VIP guests at Boobyball Toronto 2017 get to enjoy beautifully-plated bruschetta bites. They come drizzled with a balsamic reduction for a concentrated burst of flavour.

The VIP lounge also served pulled pork, but my favourite was the simple grilled spiced shrimp as it paired so deliciously with that Tromba Margarita.

The TOPSHOP gift bag filled with glam goodies is also a fun perk of purchasing a VIP ticket!

Gift Bag at Boobyball Toronto 2017
Gift Bag at Boobyball Toronto

If you or someone you know has been effected by breast cancer, and you’re looking for a fun and positive environment to celebrate their strength during one of the toughest fights of their lives, make sure to keep an eye out for Boobyball 2018 tickets. If you attended the October 13th¬†Boobyball Toronto 2017, make sure to comment below and share your favourite memory from the night!