My Psychic Reading with Angel Morgan

I received information about loved ones and pets in my psychic reading with Angel Morgan.
I received information about loved ones and pets in my psychic reading with Angel Morgan.
Many of you who read my blog regularly may remember that I had a psychic reading with Angel Morgan in March 2016. During that reading, she amazed me when I asked if she could channel my father and then she said to me, “Who is David?” “David” was my father’s name. So I was excited when I was approached again to have a reading with Angel, which took place a few days ago. Although our reading in 2016 took place in person, this time we had a Zoom meeting due to the need for social distancing.
Angel opened by saying that she could see that a lot had happened since we had met in 2016 and that I had made many positive changes. She saw me getting rid of certain beliefs, all for the better. She said she liked my present energy.
I asked Angel about my hormone imbalance. She said the words “dehydrated” and “depleted” came to mind and that I needed to drink more water, as well as have warm water on my skin. Angel also received information that I should look for chakra rebalancing, chakra meditation and elemental alignments videos on YouTube. Angel also received information that I might benefit from a few acupuncture treatments for hormone shifts and weight loss.

With respect to the future, Angel said she saw physical movement for me in July. [Note: I don’t have any plans to move because I like where I live now.] Angel did say that if I were considering a move in the near future, I needed to be vigilant about the housing market since she saw a major crash in the real estate market this August.
I asked Angel about my cousin who had gone on a spiritual retreat in Arizona a year ago and never returned home. [Note: We received information from the police that my cousin is alive and living in the U.S. with a man she met at the retreat.] Angel said that my cousin is fine and that she went through a lot at the retreat. She did advise me my cousin is not the same person as she was. Angel also received information that my cousin is trying to be someone she is not. Angel said that she was not getting a good feeling about the whole retreat and situation.
Out of the blue, Angel asked, “Who is ”Mark’?” I told Angel that, Mark is my brother. Angel said that my mother was concerned about my brother’s finances. Angel said she didn’t see a big issue with his finances, but that he might be re-evaluating his lifestyle.
Angel not only communicates with people who have passed, but she is also an animal communicator. I made sure to have a photo handy of my childhood dogs, Sandy, a Wire Hair Fox Terrier and Benjy, an Old English Sheepdog. I asked Angel how they were. Angel began speaking in the voice of one of the dogs who she believed was Benjy: “The food is great here, I have a ball, I have a blanket and I sleep under a tree. There are lots of other animals here.” Angel then asked me, “Did one of your dogs have a problem with his eyes because he is saying that his eyes are better now.” I responded that they didn’t really have a problem with their eyes, other than our sheepdog not being able to see sometimes because of his long hair lol. Two hours after the reading, I realized that it was my brother’s dog Zeffie who had come through. Zeffie was blind in the last three years of his life.

Angel then said, “Actually, I see a dog very close to you who is adoptable.” She told me I needed this dog and it would appear in a few months. She said unequivocally that I should “take the dog.” That’s interesting. I love dogs, but I’m not sure whether it would be a good idea to have a dog in this house as there is a tenant living above us and the insulation is almost non-existent. We might receive a few noise complaints!
Finally, I asked Angel about future travel. She said that I might travel next January or February for a week and that I would probably need it because I would be really busy from October to December of this year.
Like last time, I really enjoyed my psychic reading with Angel Morgan. I was amazed that she was able to name my brother and that she was able to identify an eyesight problem that our dog had. I will let you know whether the other topics she touched on come to pass.
If you are interested in a psychic reading, you can contact Angel Morgan at Raising Energy.


  1. Wow! She had a lot to say, especially in detail!! I completely believe in people’s special powers to foresee things we can’t see. This is incredible! I want a reading!

    • Yes, she did have a lot to say and it was very detailed. I have had a few psychic experiences myself so I know that people do have these abilities. Cheers, Lori

  2. That is fascinated. I have always been intuned to spirituality, but never really went to see one person as I mostly try to find my answers within me. But I have to say that it has tempted me more than once. I wonder though what was your why to come forward and have a reading this time?

  3. A dog is always a good idea! If it helps we live in a flat with a small dog and he is absolutely fine, our neighbours love him and he has learnt to be quiet when he’s indoors. Just incase you need a bit more of a sign xx

    • Haha…I love dogs, but yes, I am a bit concerned about them barking during the evenings. That’s good to know they can be trained to be quiet! Cheers, Lori

  4. Oh wow you really been to a psychic reading, how exciting! I always wanted to do that too, I find it so fascinating!

  5. She’s really good psychic reading I’am glad that she tell about adopting dogs! Dogs always make me happy please keep it posted for what happen next 🙂

  6. Ooooh I need to have one of these. My husband had a driving instructor that was psychic. She told him he would marry a girl with short dark hair. When we met I had short jet black hair, here we are almost 30 years later!

  7. This is so wonderful! I had an aura reading once (with an aura photograph) and it was spot on! I firmly believe that psychics are real, that we are capable of having this intuitive connection with ourselves and others. I’m so glad you shared this experience, such a fun way to have a little peek into things.

    • I had an aura reading once too! So interesting! Yes, I believe that many if not all of us have psychic abilities. I really enjoyed my reading with Angel! Cheers, Lori

  8. I would love to have a session with her as I would like to seek guidance about my current situation. I am also happy to know that she’s also an animal communicator since I have a few questions about my pets. Thank you for sharing this. Will get in touch with her soon.

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